Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Ladies and gentlemen,
I proudly introduce to you,
my new colleague and teammate:

Sauron / Sowron.

She is the new Tower admin here in the Digital Security team and responsible for all things Barad Dûr. Thanks to her valuable input, we also put up a disclaimer for our coworkers that reads as follows:

- we look out for you!
(But we don't film.)

She's a young sow, handcrafted by me and brought to life by all of our collective imaginations. OK, yes, mostly mine. But still! She's a great addition to our office.

I mean, just look at that cute little curly tail. 

Sowron at work.

Her workstation is right in the top of the Tower itself, just below the Eye.

From there, she makes sure everything that goes on in the larger office space behind us is compliant with the security measures we implement and there's no shadiness going on anywhere. And if there's a problem, she can alert us as well as everybody else by activating the Tower lighting system.

You're right!
This is another change!

We now have our own little nook in the office that allows us to be more at the center of all the happenings and goings-on. Therefore, the Tower is also in a new spot and the Eye now watches over the wide, open workspace of the larger IT department. It's awesome.

Everybody loves her.