Monday, April 22, 2019

OSPR: flower.

I have another product review for you, with a picture. A one shot product review, OSPR for short. It's been a while since the last one, hence the explanation.

I walk around the shopping area inside Westbahnhof every once in a while when I meet someone on Mariahilfer Straße. Get a coffee or not-quite-window shop around Elbenwald (let's call that store geek paradise) or Tschibo (let's call that store housewife paradise) while I wait if I'm early. It's nice.

Last time, however, my attention was drawn to a flower shop close to the main entrance  because they happened to have on central display what had to be the ugliest flower in the history of plants. So hideous, in fact, I cannot comprehend why they even had it, much less put it on the table in front of the shop! Just, the worst.

Worst flower ever. 

I really want to know if anybody bought this. And if so, who? Who would buy this thing? Or maybe they threw it out; that would make a lot more sense. I just know it was gone the next time I walked past.

And the shop is still in business, too.