Monday, December 31, 2018

Laid-back LUXury.

There's a pun in the title, this post must be great!

I'm condensing my time in Luxembourg City into one blog post, because there's really not that much to tell. Not that the place is boring, it's really not. There's a lot going on in terms of history and culture, especially with regards to politics and language! But that's not the focus of my writing this nor was it the focus of my visit.

My visit had, essentially, two objectives:

The first, getting myself back out there and visiting a new place, breaking the cycle of fear and stagnation, and jumping back into the geographically adventurous part of my life. Even if it wasn't a jump in the deep end — traveling within western Europe and staying in a hotel is pretty shallow, as far as ends go — at least it was something. My 50th something, on top of that.

The second, to see Nai. He put it best in his instagram post of our two coffee cups (OMG, like, so millennial, like, I can't even) with #epicfriendship.

The weather was also happy to see Nai and turned off the fog!

We ended up not doing anything crazy, instead just taking it easy and walking all over the place, with breaks for coffee, lunch, coffee, chestnuts, and coffee. All super laid-back, relaxed, and without any set itinerary (or map, really) to follow.

Here, then, are some of my impressions I want to share with you of Luxembourg City:

Would I recommend visiting Luxembourg? Yes. Would I recommend visiting if in the winter? No. Would I recommend visiting it for this long instead of just two days or so? Only if you're going to also explore outside the capital and see more of the castles and nature the place has to offer.

I'm glad I went.

And now, as I am literally ontheway into 2019, on a bus somewhere in Germany, let me tell you the same thing that one sign told me back in Luxembourg:

Guten Rutsch!
Feliz año nuevo!
Happy new year 2019!

G'night, see you on the other side.

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