Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chocolate omaigah!

Many things were seen and experienced today, the most important being Nai and me seeing each other again after all those years. It was so nice strolling around Luxembourg together chatting, conversing, exchanging stories, palavering, and jabbering. I'm saying we talked a lot, in case you didn't get that.

Pretty boy, happy girl. 

Other than run our mouths, we also filled them - with lunch bowls and a lot of coffee. And cookies, for Nai's part, as I had brought him some of my homemade Christmas cookies. (They're still good, but almost completely gone now.)

Crunchy bowl with beef at Dean & David. 

What we didn't eat was chocolate.

We saw it, though.
And stared at it quite a bit.
And were amazed by it.
And bought some!

There's a place called the Chocolate House, which Nai still remembered from the last time he was here over ten years ago. With good reason, as not only did everything look amazing but the place was also packed! Both testaments to the quality of the product(s). I would have taken a lot more pictures of everything, but it was impossible with the amount of people crowding the small space.

These things are just mesmerizing!

Generous and kind (and humble) as we are, we both decided to get some of the beautiful and surely delicious chocolate for our loved ones back home.

There were two shelves full of these baggies with disks, so I needed the attendant's help with the decision of which to take. I settled on strawberry (pink) and Spekulatius (brown) and when I get home my dears can all try them. Nai chose a selection of chocolate truffles in a pretty Luxembourg-tin and a box of the shiny, colourful ones. We both spent Money in that shop. Not just money, but Money. Worth it, though. And it's actually from Luxembourg - it's not Belgian chocolate!

Then he lost his mind.

This insane maniac (the pleonasm is necessary for emphasis!) gave me the box of shiny ones! I mean, what? Who does that? And then he's surprised I "seem star-struck"... my friend, you're lucky I didn't cry. For real. It was a close call.

Now, the attention-paying readers among you might think that there's no point in giving me chocolate. I don't do sugar and therefore don't eat sweets. Chocolates are sweets, so, what the heck? Right? Well, here's my plan.

The first thing I'm going to do when I get to Vienna is a photo shoot. Take like 5,000 pictures of them together, individually, with a nice background, eck tseterah.

The second thing I'm going to do is try to replicate them, their look. I've been trying to teach myself how to make different kinds chocolates myself. Not the actual chocolate, but the truffles and pralinés. These shall be my next models.

Then, I'm going to put them in a safe spot and guard them like a mommy eagle guards her eggs until February 14, 2019. On that day, I complete my year without sugar. On that day, I will set the course for my food-related future. On that day, I will eat them.

It will be glorious.


  1. Diese Erzählung von dir erzeugt den Gedanken, Luxembourg auch zu besuchen. Danke für die Eindrücke und die schönen Bilder. Mami

    1. Ich freu mich, dass dir das Lesen gefällt <3 -i