Monday, December 31, 2018

Best seat in/on the house/bus.

It's tiiime tooo say goodbyyyeee to Luxembourg; I'm already on the bus that'll take me back home to my family, friends, and miezibauz. I can't wait to hug that little guy and hear his cute little voice complain about my presence two minutes after my return from a five-day-trip.

As predicted, the journey home will be a lot better than the journey to Luxembourg, which wasn't really bad at all, anyway.

Now though, I'm on a completely different level!

Not literally, I'm still on the top floor of the bus as I reserved the same seat for both trips. But comfort-wise this is a whole other league. I believe I currently have the absolutely best seat in the house! (on the bus)

I have all of the space, all of the power, and all of the WiFi!

Wish me luck for it to stay this way all the way to Wien.

In the meantime, I shall write.

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