Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Don't ask me why, but I just wrote a 9-verse Christmas poem - as my cat! I guess the picture I snapped of him snoozing under the blanket with me, see below, just inspired me. And I think of it as a personalized Christmas card, in a way. Personalized on the sender's side, mind you, not the recipient's. Had to clarify that so nobody expects individual names with individual rhymes in there - we haven't quite reached that level of creative talent or free time yet. But either way, I thought I'd share it with you as my (admittedly weird) way of wishing you:

Merry Christmas - if you celebrate it.
Happy Holidays - you celebrate something else.
And if you don't celebrate anything:
happy random days off work with cookies! 

Here goes.

Quinho's Christmas Dream 

'Twas the morning of Christmas,
and all through the house, see,
not a creature was stirring -
not even my mousey.

Now, while I'm still nestled
on my human / bed,
let me tell you all
of the dream I just had.

I was hid deep inside
of our tree, all adorned,
when I heard a loud voice
saying, “Mutz, you've been warned..."

I thought, not again!
She always catches me:
red-pawed and in action
dismantling the tree.

But this time was diff'rent,
the warning was just in jest:
she brought a huge present -
I said, “Human, you're the best!"

I tore through the paper
(that's what paper is for)
and what did I find there?
Fake branches galore!

"Now you have your own tree,
to play with and destroy,“
the human said smiling,
"my good little boy."

So happy and grateful,
right away I arose
to give her a cat hug
(that's a bite in the nose)! 

This Christmas I wish you,
from deep down inside,
a love like my human's
and some hair ties to hide.

The munchkin dreaming while holding my arm. 

From the little munkie and myself all the best to you and yours, enjoy any and all festivities, have fun with friends and family, be warm, be safe.

And if you, too, have a tree-attacker at home, then to you I say good luck. Although, actually, let's be honest, it's your own fault. Like we don't know what Christmas tree plus cat equals...


Off to munch on some cookies now!
While the kittie munches on the tree some more.