Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ska-weegee action!

I've had a life-changing experience. It's turned everything upside down and inside out. I promise I'm not exaggerating, I promise. I also promise I don't tend to repeat myself. Go figure it out, you can do it.

I think it'd leave this kind of impression on anyone, but it will definitely have the most impact on people with dictators. I mean, sorry, pets. Freud, get off my blog.

I sqeegeed - is that a verb? - my carpets.
And look at this:

These are two real photos. No edits were made or camera settings changed. 

I can't remember where I read about this, but it must have been some kind of life hack list, either on Facebook or Pinterest or YouTube, possibly all of them. Most of those really aren't that helpful, some are just blatant nonsense. Sometimes, though, you stumble across one or two that really accomplish what they're supposed to. Beeswax to waterproof fake-leather shoes and bags, for example. Coffee ice cubes so you don't water down your iced latte. Things like that.

This so-called life hack lets you deep-clean your rugs and/or carpets better than your vacuum ever could and without paying hundreds of [insert currency here] for a professional cleaning. Yes, if there are actual stains, you won't get around wet-cleaning it yourself or having it done by a pro, I know. But if we're just talking hair, dust, lint, etc... then this is what you need.

This is what I call a hairball. 

For me, it's the perfect solution for when the vacuum can't deal with the kittie's and my hair anymore. Vacuum - squeegee - vacuum is how I do it. Vacuum first to get rid of what comes off easily (and that usually gives good results already, so it's good enough for week by week housework). Then put all your might - yes, it's quite the workout - into the squeegee action. Pressing down hard, "scrape" over the carpet surface against the grain and watch the soft plastic-y part at the front pull out every little bit of undesired material from between the carpet's strands. Pick up the hair and whatnot ball by ball and just dump it straight into the bin. Your budget will thank you, too, because you just saved a hoover bag. Now, if you vacuum over the rug or carpet one more, it'll suck out everything you couldn't pick up with your hands and, voila, your carpet's as good as new.

I could imagine this also being something that could massively improve the quality of life for people with asthma or allergies that affect the respiratory system. Wear a mask while you scrape so you don't breathe it all in while you work and then just look at all this stuff that won't end up irritating your lungs! Awesome.

About four or five double handfuls. Wow. 

I don't often find "advice" online that I actually want to keep, but this one I love and I now own two squeegees: one for the shower and one for the whole entire rest of the apartment - because the technique also works for bed linen, pillows, and any upholstered furniture.

Mmmso soft. Ohsuch vibrancy! 

Added bonus: the carpets are sooo soft now, the kittie's (or other animal's) and your own toes will want to glue themselves down forever.

I'm isaontheway and I approve this message.

PS: I think I just wrote a whole blog entry on cleaning carpets with the same level of excitement as when I write about planes and new places. Oh boy, the grown-up thing is happening again... Help!!!