Friday, September 16, 2016

One Year.

One year ago.


I got here.

One year ago today I got here.

It's been quite the year. Probably one of the more intense ones I've lived through so far. Uproot yourself, turn around and around and around and somehow end up facing the opposite way you had been facing thus far, pack as much of your stuff as you can into your backpack and give or throw away everything else, grab your kittie, get on a plane, and thank the old gods and the new for your incredible family who provide you with a safety net the size and shape of a new chance.

That's how I got here.

During this year, I've found an apartment, put stuff in it, put a lot of work into figuring out who to be and what to do, gotten some things checked out and/or fixed, applied to a lot of jobs, gotten a lot of rejections, lost hope, found hope again, found a field of work I'm interested in, gotten into a traineeship programme in that field, gotten to welcome a little niece and a little nephew into my world, reconnected with old friends, found some new ones, started putting more effort into reconnecting with my family, and done so, so, so much thinking.

Now, I think I'm okay.

There's a lot that still needs to get done. Small and simple things as well as big and complicated ones. I've a lot left to learn - in the immediate future, not overall. Overall, learning never ends, luckily. I'm referring to things I need to figure out right now.

I've been here for a year.
A year ago today was the last time I've been on a plane.
I've done and grown a lot this year.
I'm far from done.

For my first year of life as Isabella 2.0, though, it hasn't been terrible.

Thank you for that.

Off into year two now.


  1. Es war ein schweres Jahr aber du hast unglaublich viel geschafft. Mach weiter so.