Friday, June 3, 2016

The (Old-) Timer

I spoke about growing up yesterday. Yesterday? Maybe earlier. But probably yesterday. I'm not sure.

Here's the link to that: link.

The reason I started talking about "That Grown-Up Thing" now is that I'm having a lot of #ohnoimagrownup moments.

Here's the first example: my watch.

My mom's been working on cleaning out her basement storage unit. First, she wanted to declutter and figure out what's where in terms of boxes. Second, there was also a lot of my stuff still in some of those boxes and now that I have a place of my own here in Vienna, it was her big chance to get rid of all that by returning it to me.

One of the things we found was my old watch. It's a Laks watch with a design by one of my favourite photographers: Andreas H. Bitesnich. I saw his work in Vienna's Kunsthaus (aka Hundertwasserhaus) a bunch of years ago and fell in love. Naturally, there was no hesitation when I saw a watch with one of his designs on it. What's more, it was a limited edition and all proceeds went towards helping people living with the HIV virus as well as full-on AIDS.

Here's my gorgeous watch.

I mean... look at that beauty!

There isn't any risk of growing up (as described in the previous post) in owning a pretty watch. Not even in wearing it.

No. What's risky is that I want to wear it. And not just because I like the way it looks. Oh no! I want to wear it because it'll be more accurate than my phone, which is perpetually fast. I want to wear it because I want to be on time. More than usually. Like, minute precision.


A timer is a good thing. But if this manages to force-grow-up me, it'll be an oldtimer in the sense that it's aging the wearer! Me!

We can't let that happen.

And here's the "worst" bit: even before we found this treasure, I had gone online to order myself a wristwatch. I didn't just use my old watch. No. I bought myself my own new watch. Of my own volition! What?!


Alas, hope has not been lost entirely. There's one thing that can still save me: the fact that the other watch has a world map on its face and the second hand is a teeny tiny little airplane traveling in circles all day long.

Phew, that was close!


  1. Ich freue mich, dass du diese Uhr wieder trägst :-)