Saturday, June 25, 2016

Championship done.

So, I guess Austria lost to Iceland in the EURO2016 on Wednesday. We're now out of the competition and the boys are probably on their way back home. I think... I'm not sure.

Why don't I know?



Yeah, absolutely zero.

PS: I made this. If you've seen it on 9gag or Facebook then you saw my upload.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Championship Humour.

Today is the beginning of the European Championship #EURO2016 in France. I'm not sure I got the name right, because all I ever see us that hashtag or what people call it on social media. Which is the same as the hashtag but without the hashtag. As in, the pound sign.

I don't know almost anything about football, to be honest. Are we playing any matches anytime soon? We being Austria. Are we out yet? Were we even in to begin with? I don't know any of that, but I do know that something else starts today along with the cup:

The Worldwide Barrage of Terrible Puns about Football and Everything Related to It. WBTPRERI. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

I'm going to illustrate what I mean by WBTPFERI by sharing with you my tweet from a few minutes ago.

I know, I know. I'm brilliant. 


But hey, follow me on Twitter for more silliness!

You won't regret it. 

Okay, you might. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

The (Old-) Timer

I spoke about growing up yesterday. Yesterday? Maybe earlier. But probably yesterday. I'm not sure.

Here's the link to that: link.

The reason I started talking about "That Grown-Up Thing" now is that I'm having a lot of #ohnoimagrownup moments.

Here's the first example: my watch.

My mom's been working on cleaning out her basement storage unit. First, she wanted to declutter and figure out what's where in terms of boxes. Second, there was also a lot of my stuff still in some of those boxes and now that I have a place of my own here in Vienna, it was her big chance to get rid of all that by returning it to me.

One of the things we found was my old watch. It's a Laks watch with a design by one of my favourite photographers: Andreas H. Bitesnich. I saw his work in Vienna's Kunsthaus (aka Hundertwasserhaus) a bunch of years ago and fell in love. Naturally, there was no hesitation when I saw a watch with one of his designs on it. What's more, it was a limited edition and all proceeds went towards helping people living with the HIV virus as well as full-on AIDS.

Here's my gorgeous watch.

I mean... look at that beauty!

There isn't any risk of growing up (as described in the previous post) in owning a pretty watch. Not even in wearing it.

No. What's risky is that I want to wear it. And not just because I like the way it looks. Oh no! I want to wear it because it'll be more accurate than my phone, which is perpetually fast. I want to wear it because I want to be on time. More than usually. Like, minute precision.


A timer is a good thing. But if this manages to force-grow-up me, it'll be an oldtimer in the sense that it's aging the wearer! Me!

We can't let that happen.

And here's the "worst" bit: even before we found this treasure, I had gone online to order myself a wristwatch. I didn't just use my old watch. No. I bought myself my own new watch. Of my own volition! What?!


Alas, hope has not been lost entirely. There's one thing that can still save me: the fact that the other watch has a world map on its face and the second hand is a teeny tiny little airplane traveling in circles all day long.

Phew, that was close!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

That Grown-Up Thing

This is something I get told a lot and say myself even more.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that being prudent, responsible, and thoughtful is a bad thing. I'm not suggesting ignoring rules or throwing caution to the wind. I'm not condoning childish behaviour.

Instead, what I'm saying is that I love my inner child. Childlike behaviour is wonderful! Being open and curious, playful and excitable, having some of that original innocence left. That's what I don't want to lose.

See, I distinguish between growing up (growing the "big" part and thus shrinking the "little" part, the inner child) and being an adult (this is potentially temporary and doesn't snuff your kiddy candle).

Yes: working hard, learning all kinds of new things, cleaning your apartment, paying your bills on time, saving for the future, doing the laundry and the dishes, taking care of family, helping out friends, being healthy, and aaall those things.

No: concentrating on nothing but work, losing the twinkle in your eyes and the spark in your heart, shutting down your sense of humour, and aaall those things.

I love being an adult, but I love being a kid too. That's why I keep an expense book where I record every single cent I spend (yes, really, down to the cents). And that's also why any time my mom tells me that I'm a grown-up I yell no, stick my tongue out at her and run away. 100% true story.

I'm introducing a little series with this post, where I document some of my oh-no-I'm-a-grown-up moments.

Coming soon:

          The Scarf of Doom
          The (Old-) Timer
          The Dryer Choir