Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Source.

Dear all the people who have ever asked me where my "crazy" comes from. Those who want to know why I always seem to be making one weird face or another. Those who inquire about my ridiculous sense of humour. Those who can't get over the weird ideas I sometimes come up with. Those who call me "special."

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you,

my mom.


Just let me add, if you will, that, of course, it's not all her "fault" as she's not the only source of the-good-kind-of-crazy in my life and my gene pool. I just thought Mother's Day would be the perfect day to show off this childhood picture of her and demonstrate one of the origins of my "uniqueness," as some of you call it as well. Why Mother's Day? Cos she got a ton of gifts today and thus isn't allowed to be mad at me for posting this. Ha!

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