Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The new cloudwatching.


Hobby of millions.

Maybe. Well... at least tens.

I love it and if you work out your imagination like your other muscles (leg day!), you'll find some pretty cool stuff up there in the sky.

It was overcast and stormy-skied today, so there were no individual clouds to identify, but lucky me had tankloads of coffee again - as per usual. The last one I had was a cappuccino and while I didn't get any latte art from the new and unexperienced barista at the bakery, I did get some cocoa on top.

And that had a story in it!


I don't know what you see in there, but I see two people on a swingset.

I wonder where that swingset is. Is it in a park? By a river or lake? Is it in their backyard or on their porch? And who are they? Are they a couple? Best friends? Siblings or mother and daughter? What are they talking about? How do they feel? How often do they get together like this, to sit and talk?

There's so much to think about!

That's another thing I like about clouds (and cocoa). Traveling through time and space with whatever it is you see in there allows you a timeout from all your other thoughts. The ones about the day-to-day, about work and friends and family, about things that might make you anxious or even sad.

And after your little break, you come back into the real world with renewed energy to take each diem-bull by the horns and carp it like you're not just one person but a whole team all inside one body. Fresh power.

Good night!
(Dreams also make for fun stories!)


  1. Das sind 2 Leute auf Karusselpferden, das sieht man doch gleich!!!

    1. Vielleicht sind sie auf einer Schaukel gesessen und haben da beschlossen, Ringelspiel zu fahren..?

      Ich denk auch irgendwie automatisch an Don Quijote wenn ich's seh.