Friday, May 20, 2016

My plea to your humanity.

This is a serious one.

It's directed mainly to my fellow Austrians, who are -hopefully- making their contribution to the country's future path and direction.

Voting in person in April.

However, it's also directed at non-Austrians, both within the country and without. Ourselves, but also our neighbours and our fellow members of the European Union and, really, everybody everywhere.

This is not just our problem, here in our little red-white-red bubble.
This is big enough to affect everyone, because similar things are happening everywhere.

I'm talking about our second round of this year's presidential election, where green (Dr Van der Bellen, independent/Green Party) faces blue (Norbert Hofer, Austrian Freedom Party). The decision is about to be made. Aleae iactae sunt - and we're all about to get hit in the face. Hard.

I'm not going to tell anyone where to cast their ballot, who to vote for.

But I am going to tell you to vote. Use your right to make your voice heard and steer our country (all our countries) in a hopefully good, wholesome direction.

And I'm going to tell you to think, watch videos, and read (news-)papers and books about our past, present and future. I'm not going to lecture anyone, I don't have knowledge extensive enough to do so. All I ask is for you to take some time to, as I said, think and read. Take a look inside yourself. So you'll be able to make an informed decision on Sunday (or whenever, if you're not from here) and make it one you can stick to later, when the results are in. Remember, we'll have to live with it.

Remote-voting in May, because I might not have time on Sunday.

No matter your personal views and ideologies, we all have to play our part.

Because we're all responsible.

And we're all human, all of us. Equally.
I can only hope it'll show...

[I'm most likely not going to post about politics again. this being an exception, and I'm definitely not making it a regular thing. I just felt the need to speak up. And this is where I do that.]


  1. Dein Blog spricht sicher viele an und hoffentlich auch viele frühere Nichtwähler!