Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Forthe!

Today, May 4, is, without any shred of doubt, my favourite mid-year holiday. Hurt much else going on between Easter and Christmas, no presents necessary, fun memes all around, the whole internet celebrating together, my family has no clue what I'm talking about, all-around fun times. In case you didn't know:

It's Star Wars Day!

Sorry, wait, that's not right.

It'th Thtar Warth Day!!!

Love this image, because it's not just Star Wars. Oh no. It also adds a little extra for all of us who have a dirty creative mind. Oh yes. 

I'm all geared up now with one of my three (okay, seven) Star Wars t-shirts and a bunch of quotes to throw around as I go about my day. So, all that's left is to wish you:


PS: The Trek sign is on purpose. Poor trekkies should get to celebrate with us instead of being ignored on this special day. We're all galactic geeks anyway!

PPS: I also have to share something outrageous with you: I got am awesome Star Wars Yoda calendar for Christmas last year and now look at the holidays it lists for May:

Drunk you are, calendar,
go home you should. 

(The outrageous thing is the missing holiday in the one calendar that should have it pointed out. Having received a great gift is not outrageous.)

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