Monday, May 23, 2016







Ok, breathe...



So, every year in the spring for the past 28 years a special running event has been taking place in Vienna. Yesterday was the 29th time. The event is the Austrian Women's Run - Österreichischer Frauenlauf.

A small step (if any) for mankind, but a freaking gigantic mountain-of-a-leap for me!

Generally, there being a running event and people participating in it is not a big deal. For me, however, ist crazy special. See, until yesterday I'd tell you I'm not a runner. That's now changed.

I used to go jogging more or less regularly when I still lived at home, as in with my mom. Since then, my average moving speed has slowed down substantially. Yeah, I walk very fast (which gets on some people's nerves), but, still, not that fast. My next contact with the sporty shoe didn't happen until last year, when I started running with Clevon, aka The Seismic Guy. Unfortunately, we couldn't go very often before my toe started hurting too bad (Have I told you that story yet?), and then I left Trinidad.

Back here, I soon took up my old hobby of White Nordic Walking, but I didn't decide to run again until April of this year. As in last month. Yeah...

Me being me, I figured the best motivator would be signing up for a 6K that same month. Reality being reality, I failed epically. I wasn't well trained (because running 200m twice is not proper training) and I had a bad cold. Life lesson: if you can't breathe, don't run. I made it to the 500m mark and then completed the first 3K walking. And wheezing. And crying. Awesome.

Because of that, yesterday's 5K was all the more special and important.

I did train this time and had upped my in-one-go track to 1,400m. I had already signed up for the beginner's group, the slowest, knowing I'd be combining walking and running. Many ladies did that, I wasn't the only n00b. I have to mention that for myself rather than for you, eh.

The route.

In order to pace myself properly, I decided to alternate full kilometres of running and walking. I wasn't going to cross the finish line walking, no sir. Run or die trying. (Not really, but I was determined not to repeat the WomanFunRun disaster.)

I ran the first 1.1K.
Then I walked to the 2K mark.
Ran from there to past the next sign, about 3.2K.
Walked a bit further past the 4K marker.
Ran the last about 600m.

That feeling. Crossing that line. And crossing it running! And fast, too! Thanks to an almost-there-adrenaline-boost. Oh, man...

All 33,000 of us got a medal but that doesn't diminish the value one bit.

I want to feel that again.
I want to feel that feeling all the time!

Because of that success, I have decided I'm going to run "for real" now. As soon as I can, I'm getting proper running shoes. I'm going to get a good running app so I can track myself and try to improve as I go (or, rather, run) along. I'm going to participate in as many of the upcoming running events as I can afford. And there are many - and all of them sound like tons of fun. Looking forward to that!

Lots of sponsors = lots of goodies.

This year's shirt. None of these show the actual colour, LOL.

I'm a runner now.
I'm a runner now!

Thank you, Clevon, for getting me started by putting up with my silliness during your evening runs around campus. Thank you, mom, for not letting me give up after my first failure. Thank you, everyone who didn't say I was too fat to run, for not saying I was too fat to run. You all rock.

Oh, and before I go, just to share - and as a point of reference for myself - here are my results.

My rank: [Do yourself a favour and read this in a Bond voice!]
I came in 1st. 17,561st. [Hahahahaha!!]

My number: 13942.
My starting block: G.
My class: W-25.
My rank within my class: 2,364th.
My net running time: 0:42:11,9 - about 42 minutes.
My average running speed: 7.11kmh.
My average time per km: 8:26 minutes.

None of this might seem impressive, but I came in mid field in my very first real 5K and I am proud and happy and super pumped and proud. Yes, I did mention that twice.

This accomplishment/achievement means a lot to me and the feeling I'm getting from it is one of intense joy. I do believe that in keeping this up, among other things, of course, I'll find my way back to my happy self. Like I found a road sign and it tells me I'm heading in the right direction.

However, the other feeling is one of intense soreness.
I'm off to go spend the night in a tub full of Perskindol.


  1. haha, so proud of u. I remember those uwi campus days...after our first leg running and then I'd suggest a second and then u'd look at me like u wanted to commit murder ^_^ fun times

    1. Thank you, Sir :)

      And I didn't even mention the best part: I got new sports pants so I'm no longer running with suspenders!! ROFL

  2. Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich - der Anfang ist vollbracht - weiter so!