Thursday, July 16, 2015


I met someone.

I am really not looking for anything;
I don't want to be found.

It's not one of my priorities.

Every now and then,
for a special event or when I want to feel pretty,
I'll go for it.

But still.

And yet.

I met someone.

I'm talking about make-up.
And this new someone's name is TempTU.

My mom has a new job at this company, TempTU, which specializes in make-up (I know, so not me.), and she invited me to come pick her up after work so we could go have a coffee together. I said sure.

When I arrived after a long walk around town she still wasn't done for the day so she asked me to come upstairs to wait in their nice waiting area. I said sure.

The waiting area is right next to their showroom so mom said why not take a little look around. I said sure.

Feel free to try out some of the products at this cool Hollywood starlet make-up station. I said sure.

I shouldn't have!

This is the meet-cute I've been leading you towards, this is where I met and fell for this "someone". Here's why I fell and here's why it's so surprising and here's why I wish I hadn't.

See, TempTU isn't just a make-up company, no. They specialize in professional make-up. Everyday you and me can, of course, use it as well, but it's the type of make-up that pros go for. And make-up artists. Conchita Wurst is a client of theirs!

That says it all, I think. They're for the beautiful and the fabulous.

And for those who want to feel that way, even if we don't always put ourselves into that category.

I'm no princess, far from it. But there, I felt like one. I hardly ever wear make-up and if I do, it rarely goes beyond mascara and eyebrow shadow. But there, I wanted to get "dolled up" - do people still say that? I don't care, I want to do it.

If this crazy amount if glamour doesn't make you want to join the party, I don't know what will.

TempTU has all kinds of products of their own and they also work with some other brands, or at least have other brands' products in their showroom. They have a whole line of airbrush make-up. I didn't use that, obviously, but it looked really cool. Here's what I tried out (because I was surrounded by inviting testers).

A non-edited photo of my face after going crazy at the make-up table. 
(With me, going crazy means using four products.)

I look at this picture and think, hey, my eyes look huge and pretty - but: without being arrogant or anything, that's rather easy for me to achieve, because I have long lashes. So as soon as I use almost any kind of product, my eyes pop. Therefore, we'll ignore them for now.

Here's what I want you to look at.

I did crop this picture at the bottom, but there's no other edit. Isn't this lipstick gorgeous?

And I don't even like pink!

What is happening to me?!

The lipstick is called Pink Hype (aptly named, I must say) and it's from TempTU's own pro lip make-up line called ColorTru. Then I finished the "look" with a little clear gloss from the same line, as in, also by TempTU.

Now, let me repeat: I am no girlie girl. I do own lipstick (two kinds), but I never wear them except for special occasions (like my Rome trip, for example). It's true, the last time was Christmas (it's July). I should also add, at this point in the post, that that I'm not getting anything for this. Neither does my mom. In fact, I haven't even told her I'm writing this. And nobody at TempTU knows that their accountant's daughter has a blog. I'm writing this simply because I cannot for the life of me get that lipstick out of my mind and I need to tell someone about it. So why not tell you, dear one reader?

What's more, I haven't even told my mom how much I love that lipstick. Not necessarily the bright pink one specifically, but that line in general. Hi mom, surprise!

This post is getting long and I'm just rambling. But remember when your friend fell for this girl and wouldn't stop talking about her or looking at her photo and stopped being able to talk coherently and all that? That's what's happening here.

Because it was the middle of the day and not an evening (maybe even with a nice outdoors summer party, that colour would have been perfect for that...), I took off the gloss and toned down the intensity of the lipstick a bit:

Even the paper towel looks great now!

And here's the reason.
The reason I fell.
The reason I fell so hard.

As someone who hardly ever wears anything on her face anymore and only uses lip product once in a blue moon, I don't have a clue about how to take care of it while I'm wearing it. I tend to forget that I am, so I'm not careful at all. About my lips, I mean, when I eat or drink out do anything else that brings the face and things into close proximity.

Yet. Yet! When I got home that evening, hours later, that lipstick still looked perfect.

It's no wonder the pros use TempTU and it's no wonder they're on the face of covergirls and models in magazines.

And it's no wonder I can't forget them...

What a temptation to just go back and get it.



  1. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, dass du hier warst !

    1. Ich freu mich immer, wem ich dich besuchen kann :)