Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rome from Alpha to Omega

Because there are so many posts from Rome and it's easy to lose track of what you have and haven't looked at, here's a little clickable list of all the Italy and Vatican City -related entries:

Day 1:
Modo Roma ::ON::

Day 2:
From A to B, via history!
Art supplies, Warhol and the Pantheon.

Day 3:
A good start.
Castel Sant'Angelo has a poltergeist!!!
San Pietro - the square.
San Pietro - the basilica.
DeSpar - DeLiciousness
Fontana di Trevi? Not really.

Day 4:
My secret superpower!!!
Interactive Leonardo!!
Piazza trumps Pizza

Day 5:
Old things.
Cimiteri are awesome!
Piazza Navona Notturna

Day 6:
Black Bag Magic

I hope you'll have or already had a lot of fun visiting Rome with me!

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