Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Piazza Navona Notturna

My last evening in Rome was very nice, as I didn't spend it in bed. Not that spending the evening in bed - especially with a book - isn't nice, don't get me wrong. But I'm told that when you're in a new city you should at least pretend you're interested on the local nightlife. I'm definitely not, I'd much rather read and/or knit all evening, but I made an exception yesterday. 

My friend Bernadette is a sweetheart and got me in touch with her friend Giorgio, a local, a Romano! We met up in the evening and went to explore - bars and restaurants instead of ruins and museums. Unfortunately, it did involve food to which I didn't know how to say no, which is why I'm telling you this now and not after I came home (like you even care), but at least Giorgio knew where to find the real deal and the good stuff, so said food was authentically Roman and very well prepared. Not too bad, in the end. 


Also, I've now tried everything I was supposed to try: pizza, pasta, gelato and antipasti! 

After the extraordinarily late dinner came what was the evening's highlight for me: Piazza Navona at night. 

I insisted on going there again so I could see the square and especially the Fontana Quattro Fiumi all pretty and illuminated and, of course, to take pictures of it all. 

I wish I'd had my tripod, but thanks to light posts, intricate fences and benches, the photos are not too blurry. 

[PN at night] 

Now I have to go pack, which usually wouldn't take much time at all, especially now that I'm travelling über-lightly, but I need to make the maximum space in my bag because my last stop before the airport today is at that store I told you about in the beginning. 


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