Friday, September 5, 2014

From A to B, via history!

This morning I got up at a quarter to six. I woke up because of a dream involving Jason Segel - we were like best friends and filming the Avengers and he was so happy to see me arrive on set he literally sprinted across the studio and enveloped me in a super tight bear hug. Of course, the emotion roused me and wouldn't let me fall back asleep. Don't worry, Jason, you can wake me anytime. 

My morning thus began with reading in bed, then I took a nice shower, and then I packed my stuff and got ready to go to the new hotel. I left a note with my key at the front desk, because the young guy wasn't there and I wanted to say thanks and bye; then I headed out. 

I had looked at a map in the hallway to orient myself and I had approximate directions (in the style of "turn left onto Viale Manzoni" and "continue on Via S Marco" - like I'll suddenly remember to put on my glasses so I can read street signs...) on my phone and some two hours, a lot of sun, four new blisters and more historical sights than I had prepared myself for later, I arrived at Domus Ester in Via San somebody In Campo. I'll remember the guy's name at some point; for now, I'm able to come back to the hotel on my own and without getting lost, so I don't care that I can't tell you the address. 

But back to the historical sights which inspired this blog entry. There was so much to see - the main reason it took me so long to get from A to B was that I kept stopping to take pictures and read informative plaques and signs! And it's not just the actual ruins and officially important buildings, either. Like in Vienna, you're constantly surrounded by beautiful things, even when a building is a private residence or an office. That's something I miss, living over in the "new world." Impressive. 

Here are some pictures from that walk:

(They're invisible at the moment, but I'll cast the magic spell that allows you to actually see them as soon as I have access to a laptop.)

[They're no longer invisible!]

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