Saturday, September 6, 2014

DeSpar - DeLiciousness

I don't know if Spar is a thing in your country, but it is in mine. In Austria, we have Spar, Eurospar, Interspar and Gourmet Spar. Here in Rome, there's DeSpar. I went in to get some food for dinner instead of finding a trattoria or a ristorante or another hole-in-the-wall-pizza-place today and I DeLoved it!

I'm sure that there are other stores and even other DeSpars outside the centre of the city that offer a much wider variety of products, probably even at much lower prices. But for me, who doesn't have access to food such as this on a regular basis (and not at all when I'm in Trinidad), it was pretty special and exciting.

What I bought:

My dinner:

So, so, sooo good!

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