Saturday, September 6, 2014

Castel Sant'Angelo has a poltergeist!!!

Full blown tourist trap number one today was the Castel Sant'Angelo. I'm calling it a tourist trap because I'm mad I didn't get reduced admission. I had to pay full price just because my student ID doesn't state where I'm from and the ticket guy didn't believe me I'm Austrian. No, I couldn't just go show him my passport, because then he would have seen that I lied about my age and I would have had to pay full price anyway... Ok, whatever, let's talk about the castle.

No, wait, first the bridge:

Okay, now the castle.

The castle is at the same time very simple and incredibly confusing. How is that? Well, first there were so many signs with explanations everywhere that you knew exactly where you were and what everything around you was at all times. But then, despite the signage, I started going in complex circles (not sure that's a thing, but I think you know what I mean) and coming back to the same spots that were not the exit, no matter how many different turns I kept taking.

During that mad criss-crossing adventure, I saw tons of beautiful frescoes, old architecture, treasures and an amazing view of the city.

Piccola anima smarrita e soave, 
compagna e ospite del corpo, 
ora t'appresti ad ascendere in luoghi
incolori, ardui e spogli,
ove non avrai più gli svaghi consueti.

When I was this (imagine thumb and index finger about a half millimetre apart) close to panicking and thinking I'd walk the hallways and terrazze of the castle until the end of my days, suddenly I was out.

And very, very relieved.

Here a hint at what was next on the programme:

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