Friday, September 26, 2014

A night with Harry Potter.

A tradition was born last year, when Iris (the beautiful bride) and I started a Harry Potter marathon during my annual visit to Austria. Unfortunately, we didn't finish all eight movies so we had to continue this year. I'm calling it a tradition now because we (I) decided that this is going to happen every year from now on. And not just Harry Potter either, we're also going to repeat our Star Wars marathon and add The Lord Of The Rings and maybe even Pirates Of The Caribbean. 

Funny sidenote: I'm writing this on my phone and autocorrect had a great movie idea - Pirates Of The Vatican! Hollywood, please make that happen asap. 

Now, you've been through this with us before, I think, so you're aware of a very important detail: it's not a real movie marathon without themed food. In the past we've had a Whomping Willow Cake, and for the Star Wars night I brought Ewok Cupcakes and we made an amazing Yoda Pizza. This time, I made Gryffindor Spell Cupcakes and a Quiddiche (patent pending). 

The cupcakes are simple enough, I just made my go-to easy chocolate muffins and then used marzipan and icing from the wedding preparation to turn then into magical instead of normal desserts. 

The Quiddiche was a little trickier. But so much fun! 

For those who haven't caught on yet, a Quiddiche is a Quidditch-themed quiche. Oh yeah, we're at that kind of high intellect level right now. This specific one was autumn flavoured - meaning zucchini and pumpkin and pumpkin seeds and cheese - because the colder season had already started. This is a story from the beginning of September, but it was already almost as cold outside as it is at the moment. 

Here's my Quiddiche: 

Harry would have loved it!!! 

And, Harry, we love you.
See you again next year!

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