Sunday, August 10, 2014

Temporary Farewell

Tomorrow I'm flying to Tobago, then to Barbados and then to Frankfurt. Then, on Tuesday, I fly from Frankfurt to Vienna. It's quite the trip, but I'm very much looking forward to it (whenever I'm not freaking out over it). Because I'll be gone for six weeks and won't see my friends for that time, except for pictures on the web and Skype calls and chats, we had a little get together at the Real Austrian Embassy on Friday night. 

I invited people via Facebook and took this picture for the event. It's totally not edited.

From around 8PM on until just before 1AM, people came and went. Some had more time, others less, but all of them made me very happy with their visit, whether short or long. Guys, I want to thank you again: 

Thank you, Sarah and Rowland. Thank you, Shimiere. Thank you, Alia. Thank you, Alejandro y tu mami. Thank you, Mark. Thank you, Sharia and Chris. Thank you, Nico and Michael. Thank you, Elena. Thank you, Clevon and Kim and friend from St Vincent (sorry I forgot your name again). Thank you, Dean. Thanks for the cookies, thanks for the juice, thanks for the beer, thanks for the chips and dip, thanks for the pizza, thanks for the quiche, thanks for the wine, thanks for the breadsticks, thanks for the desserts, thanks for the soft drinks. Thanks for taking your shoes off, thanks for using coasters. Thanks for the jokes, thanks for the stories, thanks for the laughter, thanks for your time. Thanks for being there! 

I wish all of the people I invited would have come, but I know what it's like when you're tired from work or you live a ways off and can't get transport or you're out of the country or things like that. No worries, I'll see you all when I come back. 

My favourite pictures: 

And voilà, le aftermath: 

Yesterday was the day that Trinidad herself wanted to officially say good-bye to me, even though I'm not leaving until tomorrow. I guess the idea was to make leaving easier for me, that I wouldn't have such a hard time saying see you later to this place that's become my home over the last year. How did Trinidad accomplish that? A half-day blackout during the hottest morning and noon hours. No fan, no aircondition and also hardly any breeze from outside. Thanks Trinidad, it's definitely easier now to leave you behind for a month and a half. 

Today, the day before I go, I'm in this funny state of mind, where every single sentence I think or say or write to somebody ends in a question mark. I finished packing my bags this morning? I have everything I need? I'm ready for heading out tomorrow? I took care of everything in and around the house? I'm going to relax for a bit now before doing some cleaning? I also just had some juice and will have more later? I am Ron Burgundy? Two plus two equals four? My name is Isabella? Yeah, no, yeah, it's interesting. 

Of one thing, however, I'm sure. 

The farewell is temporary. 
The love is permanent.