Thursday, August 21, 2014

Special Dinner!!!

It took over a week to get to this point, but, yesterday, my mom cooked. Not that there's usually no food; it's just not usually she who makes it. I'm the baker, Peter is the chef, mom is the barkeeper (for real, she makes ridiculously delicious cocktails) (yes, I can definitely vouch for that even though I don't drink any) (shut up now, just believe me already). Point is, she only cooks when specific things are on the menu. 

This time, the specific thing was Topfenpalatschinken. Don't ask me, just google it. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of curd or quark or whatever it really translates to, so I got my so-called Extrawürschtl. An Austrian word that directly translates to "thing somebody went out of their way to get for you when the original option is perfectly good but you're too much of a fussy brat to be happy with that" - the kind of thing only grandparents give you, usually, unless you've been out of the country for a year... I can have anything I want right now [insert evil grin here]. 

My Extrawürschtl was a Palatschinke with home made jam - half apricot and half strawberry, made by my Omi, because deciding on one is for rational people, when you're in Extrawürschtl mode, you get it all [evil grin turns into evil laugh].

Picture of my special dinner:

A typical one would have powdered sugar on top as well, because it's a sweet dish. But guess who doesn't like sugar on her food. That's right, this spoilt brat! Let the evil laughter sound again. 

Before I go I'm quickly going to convince you - once and for all - of what an awesome mixologist my mom is. No, I'm not going to invite you over for a drink, but I am going to show you a picture I took of the cocktail she made yesterday evening. 

When was the last time your mom made a Basil Daiquiri? 



  1. You have to bring your mom for our next Crafternoon. There is enough basil on the terrace.

    1. I'll ask her to teach me how to make these Daiquiris and then I'll make you one. I can even ask if I can use some of the nice Caribbean rum I brought her ;)