Monday, August 25, 2014

Isabella Urkel

I've been having a pants problem for a while. The problem being, that they're almost all too big and I lose them but I don't have a belt. Because I don't like belts. Belts are stupid. 

So, this was my solution: 

Top: thingie from my external hard drive pouch. Below: key chain. 

Way less stupid than a belt, mhmm. 

Unfortunately, that didn't work as well as I wanted it to and I was still losing my pants. 

Today, inspired by my first crush who broke my heart by being a TV personality on what was indubitably one of the best shows ever made and not somebody I could actually meet in real life, I spoke to my dad about the problem and he helped me. In the best way possible. Like, seriously, I mean it, this could in no way be any better than it is now. 

Hells to the fricking yeah!!!

Dear Steve Urkel, 
you broke my heart in 1995. 
Today, I finally and fully got over it. 
By becoming even cooler than you ever were. 

Face of pure joy.

I will be wearing these all. the. time.
Deal with it. 
*drops mic*

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