Friday, August 1, 2014

Hundertwasser Opera Lake

Here's the second instalment of our popular series: Things that make isa said because she can't have them but she wants them so bad so why oh why can't somebody invent beaming or teletransportation so I can just frickinggothererightnowBYTHEHAMMEROFTHORRRAAAAAAHRRRRGHN!!!... 

Okay, I've calmed down. So... What are some places that make Austria stand out in the multitude of beautiful countries on this Earth? What are the things that differentiate Austria from Trinidad, what's there but not here? And of all the things there are, which ones does a random Austrian miss the most? 


-- I'm going to go there straight from the airport, I don't care if I arrive at 5AM or 11PM!!! 

Especially the inner city, especially early in the morning or late at night. 
Albertina, Hundertwasserhaus, Staatsoper, Museum of Arts and Natural History. 
The tiny streets in the first districts, Ringstraße, Hundertwasserhaus, Staatsoper.
Especially, obviously, home Seewinkel. 
Illmitz, Pamhagen, the lake. Oh my, the lake... 
St. Martin's Therme spa. 

--- Depending on whether I'll have time, I'll try to swing by and spend some time. 

Naschmarkt, farmers market Favoriten. 
Rathausplatz international film and music festival. 
Museumsquartier, Kunstforum, Secession,... all the museums!
Rochusmarkt area, the Belvedere gardens. 
Donaukanal, Alte Donau. 
Artis International OV Cinema. 
IKEA, Mariahilfer Straße just to do some window shopping.
Wachau along the Danube
Upper Austria/Salzburg/Styria - a nice place in the Alps. 

--- If you want to take me there, I'll be glad to go with you.

Schönbrunn castle and the zoo. 
Donauinsel, Donaupark and -turm. 
Kahlenberg mountain, Wienerwald forest, Wienerberg. 
The neighbours: for example Bratislava, Prague, Munich, Budapest,... 

Local substitutes that are keeping me sane for the while.

Maracas Beach, Macqueripe, the NE coast. 
Waterloo Temple in the Sea. 
Chaguanas market. 
Mode Alive. 

Here's the post about the food.
And here's the overview, the list of lists


  1. You know that when I went to Vienna this winter, it felt almost more like home than Milan? It was strange and surprising and quite beautiful because I realised how many people I had there who loved me, and who would miss me, and who were sad that I wasn't coming back, after all.

    I had a conflicted relationship with Vienna... But I realise I miss it sometimes.

    All the images that spring to mind of what I miss, there, have blue summer sky. I hated it in winter and I know I would if I lived there again.
    Summer is so short there, but it's beautiful and the air is warm, but still manages to stay clear, because it's never as muggy and humid as where I am from. There's always a bit of breeze even on sunny days.

    On sunny, summer days, I liked

    walking in the gardens on the ring, and having coffee (occasionally dropping it) from the Starbucks near the National Library. With you. Talking about silly stuff or not so silly.
    I liked the white of the buildings against the blue sky in the city centre. I didn't like the white buildings in winter when everything was grey, but in summer, I did.
    I liked walking in Josefstaedter Strasse. I liked having coffee and teaching my lessons at Cafè der Provinz.
    I liked Karmelitermarkt on warm weekday afternoons, with one of my favourite students.
    I liked taking tram D to Nussdorf and pretend I was a tourist for an afternoon.
    I liked going to the Heurige in Nussdorf with Francesca.
    I liked going for beer at 7sternBrau and share my secrets with Fra.
    I liked sitting on the roof of the library with my friend Valerie.
    I liked going to the zoo and pretend I was a tourist as well.
    I liked having lunch with my friend Anna and go to the indie bookshops in the small streets in the 7th.
    I liked eating pumpkin soup at Cafè Hummel.
    I liked reading or sitting for hours, watching people, in the garden of Cafè Hummel.
    I liked eating sushi outside of Votivkirche in my lunchbreak.
    I liked watching time go by in the courtyards of Altes AKH, with a book and no money but still happy.
    I liked how I learned to do things on my own there.
    And my only memory with "bad weather": I liked walking back home from yoga in the dark at 7:30pm, listening to Across The Universe, Beatles version, every single time.

    I miss you, canim. And with hindsight, like always, I realise that Vienna gave me so much. I cursed at it, I cried in it, I felt homesick and sad and worried so much of the time there and complained about how hard it is to make friends in Vienna... But at least the friends Vienna gave me are there to stay. I know it. And that's something really great to know.

    1. I miss you too!

      It feels like your comment is even longer than my original post - love that you're sharing your thoughts and memories! I'll have to go pretend to be a tourist when I'm in Vienna this year, and have pumpkin soup (the mere thought makes me hungry) and read a book in Altes AKH, for old times' sake :) I'm already looking forward to the next time I'll check your coffee lids for you, but you knew that. <3