Monday, August 25, 2014


Not much to tell about this, just sharing the incredible beauty. To understand why I missed fresh berries so much while I was in Trinidad and couldn't be satisfied with the frozen or imported stuff, you need to see what it is I grew up with. 

Whenever I'm home in the summertime, this is what I get: 


Not a smartphone. 

Walk out the back door of my grandparents' house, through the yard and the garage to the garden, enter the garden and immediately be surrounded by AAALL THE BERRIES!!! And it's not just raspberries and blackberries, that's just what I had this weekend because it's what I'd been looking forward to the most. In our garden, there are also strawberries, red currants, goose berries, kiwis (!), different kinds of apples and pears and plums, apricots and peaches and nectarines, chestnuts and rhubarb and a ton of vegetables. It's all fresh, it's all healthy, it all tastes just perfect. No market stall or supermarket, however well stocked, could ever keep up with this: just picking whatever you want right off the tree or bush and enjoying the most naturally delicious tastes - no early picking to ship without mould, no artificial ripening, no pesticides or other chemicals,... Only goodness! 

Wish these grew in T'dad... 

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