Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crafternoon I

Today was awesome.

No, wait.

Dear diary,
today was awesome. In the afternoon, I went to see my friend Jutta and we chatted and did some crafts. I like crafts. Jutta likes crafts too. We had a lot of fun.

Oh gods, I can't keep this up...

So I went by her house in the afternoon because she's even more of a crafts nerd than I am. In fact, I want to be like her "when I grow up" or something like that. Wherever crafts or art or anything like that are concerned, she's my number one role model. I know I'm making it sound as if she were like twenty years my senior, but no, she's certainly not. But man, if you saw her materials shelves and her tool boxes... Oh my. ::drool::

First, we exchanged star techniques. I showed her how I make my three-piece straw stars and she showed me how to make them with two and how to make so-called lucky stars. 

As soon as I was sufficiently frustrated with my slow progress, we looked up how to make something I've been interested in trying for a while now: exploding boxes. 

The concept is easy enough. You make a cardboard box and a lid, but when making the box you don't glue the sides together so that when you take off the lid they fall open and reveal a sithload of surprises inside. Fun!

We didn't get very far, because these things take time, but we both finished our basic boxes and we'll meet again to decorate and fill them. 

Here's mine:

As you can see, there's a lot left to do. But that's not a problem, not at all. Not only is it great to get together and create, we also had a good time chatting about all kinds of stuff. 

Random snippets of our conversation include:
-"I bet a rib would make a great letter opener."
-"They're going to have an interesting time scanning my luggage when I enter the country."
-"Oh yeah, that's great, we'll be each other's private suppliers!"

You go ahead and interpret that whichever way you want. [Of course, the least offensive or dangerous and instead most boringly legal scenario you can imagine is the one that actually played out.] 

Can't wait for part two of this!