Friday, August 1, 2014

Cowboy Coffee!

or How To Make Coffee When All You Have Is Coffee (Huh?)

Coffee at the Real Austrian Embassy is not just any old thing to be had in the morning. No, coffee here is a big deal, it's important and I'm rather strict about it. 

- Comes from two places only: Colombia or Jamaica. 
- Prepared in my espresso maker, Akinyi (an African name that translates to "born in the morning").
- No sugar, no splenda, no whatever else you might throw in in terms of sweeteners. 
- Only lactose-free milk, rice milk, or Baileys flavoured coffee creamer (because I'm fancy like that)
- Not limited to the morning: here you can have coffee any time of day or night (at your own risk, of course)

With the sole exception of Colcafé.

About a week ago, I gave Akinyi to Sarah. Sarah doesn't have an espresso maker as nice as her and you can't really get them here in Trinidad and I've been planning on getting a new, bigger one for a while now anyway. So I figured, let's be nice and pay it forward. Akinyi is now with Sarah. 

This is Akinyi back when I first got her. She continues to make people happy, now in her third home. Sarah's words: I looove it!

However, that means that I can't really have good coffee right now. Simply because I'm not good at brewing/boiling it myself. I'm just too used to Akinyi and her results, so I can't (I've tried) truly like anything else except when I'm out somewhere (it's easier to forgive the coffee shops). I'm hosting a CouchSurfer right now, though, and he's very good at making what he calls cowboy coffee: coffee grounds boiled in a pot and drunk just like that. Depending on how much coffee you put in the water it can be strong or weak and then from there you just treat it like "normal" coffee, as in, you add whatever you want, if you want. 

I added the coffee filter, because I happen to have a bunch of them. --- But why, if you don't make coffee like that? For crafts, people. For crafts. (What a silly question you asked, really, I'd expected more of you... ::shaking my head::) --- You don't really need that filter, unless you're squirmish about finding coffee grounds deep between your teeth once you're done with your cup(s). No matter how carefully you pour from pot to cup, something's going to swim along. If you're a pro and you can pour without any grounds making it into the cup, tell me how! Also, you're cool. 

Now, the fact that we made coffee when all I had was coffee - as in, no french press or espresso maker or filter machine or anything - means that this is the perfect way for travelers who can't live without their daily dose.

You're camping? Make a fire and boil your coffee in a clean tin can or a camping pot, if you're one of the experts who owns stuff like that. You're traveling with CouchSurfing? If your host doesn't have a proper coffee maker, they'll sure have a little pot they can let you use. You're just at home but you don't want to invest in a nice coffee maker? You're an idiot. But you can still make cowboy coffee and survive until you grow the hell up and get the real deal.

It's not the same as Akinyi's coffee, but it's good enough for the moment.  

Yay for coffee, going to get my second cup now. 

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