Sunday, August 3, 2014

Caffeinated Flowers

I mentioned that the reason I have coffee filters is because you can use them for various crafts projects and here is the first filter adventure I embarked on. By first I mean that even though I have run out of filters now I really hope to happen across more so I can make more stuff, because this is crazy fun!

I found a tutorial for coffee filter flowers on YouTube and followed it more or less precisely (that means less, but diplomatically). First, I made the flower in white and then later stained it with food colouring. For the second to fourth flowers, I dyed the filters first and dried them and then made the flowers with the coloured filters. There's not too much of a difference in the result, but if you want to mix different colours in one flowers, then it's definitely easier with pre-dyed filters. 

The tutorial is very specific on what you need, but the reality actually much less strict: 

however many coffee filters you want to use 
stain: coffee, tea, food colouring, watercolours, acrylic colours, etc.
glue (any kind except probably a gluestick; a glue gun provides the most fun) 
some (any) kind of wire, or even a stem from a plastic flower you'd otherwise throw out

Here are the flowers I made! 

I arranged mine in a bowl on the Real Austrian Embassy's kitchen table, like some kind of centrepiece. But I'll probably move them from there. I'll never see them, because I'm really not a good woman, I just don't spend much time in the kitchen (cough cough). 

Oh and guys, these are easy to make.
Make one for your girl! 

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