Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello and welcome to this blog-lorious celebration of two freaking hundred posts on! Weeee!! And on top of reaching that blog-tastic amount of entries, we passed 30,000 page views as well! Weee-heee!!!

This is me celebrating.

Let's not make this into a big thing, though, because it's not - at least not for anyone but me. Instead, let me commemorate the occasion with two things:

1- an announcement. 

I'm going to post random facts, some useless and some weird and some helpful but all fascinating (I totally promise), on this blog in a new segment-thingie that I'm going to label DiscoverVienna so you can find the related posts easily. Because I'm here now and let's take advantage of that. Remember I started DiscoverTrinidad a while back and then immediately stopped again? Well, this is going to be different. I swear. 

B- a guilt trip. 

You comment on Facebook when I publish links to new entries and I love and appreciate you for that but [commence whining] you hardly ever comment on the blog itself and it breaks my poor little heart I mean seriously it hurts my fragile world of feelings because I put myself out there and tell you all my stories even the embarrassing ones and you don't even deem it worth the effort of writing a measly little one-liner underneath and that's really all it takes to make me happy I mean of course if you want to write a long comment and share thoughts and feelings and opinions or tell me where I'm right or where I'm wrong and why or whatever you know that's absolutely fantastic but really come on just comment please [end whining]. (I figure now you have to comment, right? Or should I whine some more? Your call.)



  1. If commenting here would make you happy then here's my comment. I like aeeing you happy and that makes me happy too. It's all about happiness here! :) I miss you Isabela. I seriously can't wait to see your book published one day, because you're an awesome writer and a very creative. You have a big heart, a warm soul, and a lovely personality. Oh are we still talking about happiness? Or you? Or the comment? Maybe all? Because you're the happy girl that who would bring a smile on everyone's face. I hope you're enjoying your home in Vienna and please tell mom that she has an awesome daughter, and a nice house with a beautiful balcony too!

    1. I had expected many things to come of my whiney post but never a comment as sweet as yours. You're incredible! I'll tell my mom you said hi and I'll also give my grandma a hug from you when I see her tomorrow for her birthday. Everyone here remembers you, not only me! You are the ultimate sweetheart :*

  2. Hey sweetie, liking on FB is so much faster than commenting on the Blog, Google just deleted my comment twice. But since it makes you happy, here you go. Love reading your posts and looking at all the crafty thingies, can I please order a star? Keep up the good work! xoxoxo

    1. Love love love
      You you you
      So so so
      Much much much

      Will put a star in with the other stuff I'm sending you. Or maybe even more than one ;)

  3. Here, here. Here's a comment. Now go back to knitting, and make me a hat for when I go back to Europe for Xmas! :D