Sunday, August 24, 2014

Almost the sea.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this entry yesterday but due to internet-related difficulties I wasn't able to publish it until now. So any time I refer to "yesterday," what I mean is the 22nd of August, 2014. 

I've written about this magical place before and how it's not only called Neusiedler See but also the Viennese people's sea. You know, because we're landlocked and this is all we get in terms of beach access.

Yesterday was my grandma's birthday, so we all went down to congratulate her and to bring her the flowers and cake I'd made for her. Yes, both of those are made and not bought. No, I am not a kindergartener.

It was wonderful seeing everybody again. My Omi and my aunt and my uncle and my grandma's sister and her aunt and members of the extended family and my godparents and some guests of our little hotel who have been coming ever since it opened howevermany years ago... Great. There was laughter and smiling and an abundance of hugs. All of them first for my grandma - obviously! - and then for me. Enjoyments. 

As soon as there was a chance to "escape" I went out to the lake. Not that my family is something you would need our want to run away from, but I'd been waiting to go out to my lake for so long, I just had to get there as soon as possible without offending anyone. That opportunity presented itself after the cake was cut, the majority of visitors had congratulated and sung and eaten and left again, and the general excitement had... not exactly died down, because it never will... but... subsided a little. Ebbed off. Gone down a wee bit. 

The reason I'd wanted to go out to my lake so badly was because of how much I love the place. It's peaceful, tranquil, quiet. Especially when you're there at a time where the weather doesn't permit hoards of tourists with small children or when it's too early or late for them. Then you can just sit by the water and dangle your feet over or even into it and enjoy how calm everything is. Sailboats out on the lake, birds overhead, concentric circles popping up randomly on the water every now and again, when a fish touches the surface. Other than that, wind and sun and nothing else. 

This liquid flat is so expansive, you really can imagine it to be the sea (yeah, I know, with a lot of imagination, blablabla...), just without the crashing waves and with an opposite shore. You still get the feeling of vastness, though. If you need that and you're in Austria, this is the place to go.

And the reed belt, oh, the reed belt... 

Yes, definitely one of my favourite places in the world... 

Already can't wait to go back again. 

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