Friday, August 8, 2014

A traveler's tale

I'm preparing for my trip to Europe, on which I'm embarking on Monday. That means all the stuff I ranted about in yesterday's blog entry, but also plain packing of bags. To show how "good" I am at traveling, something I've been doing for I don't even know how long, I'm going to tell a tale using a hashtag: #thatawkwardmoment. 

#thatawkwardmoment when any time somebody asks you when exactly you're flying out your answer is "ummmmmm..." and then a weird silence.

#thatawkwardmoment when after about a year in the Caribbean, you suddenly unearth those sunglasses you've been looking for the whole time. 

#thatawkwardmoment when you're packing for a trip across an ocean and can't find your passport anywhere. [update: found it]

#thatawkwardmoment when you have to be told a second time that you can't bring your crochet hook and knitting needles on the plane because they're considered potential weapons. 

#thatawkwardmoment when you can't actually pack any clothes, because they're all in the laundry waiting to be washed.

#thatawkwardmoment when you've also lost sight of your credit card. [update: found it too, in the same place as the passport, but not at the same time]

#thatawkwardmoment when your packing list says "leftover Euros from last year" but you don't actually have any cash from the last time you were in Austria. 

#thatawkwardmoment when there's more rum in your luggage than pants. 

#thatawkwardmoment when you're on the brink of tears because you can't bring your bicycle.

#thatawkwardmoment when somebody tells you that you accidentally left your hairbrush in the bathroom and you're like nope, not an accident.

#thatawkwardmoment when your packing list reads "two wedding dresses, glue gun, socks." 

#thatawkwardmoment when you think you're done, but you've only filled your handbag and the small carry-on, and both of them just halfway. It worries you, because that can't be right. 

#thatawkwardmoment when - hours later - you realize it's because of the laundry thing and you still haven't packed more than three items of clothing.

#thatawkwardmoment when none of the above are made up. 

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