Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saint Fricking Vincent!

Now that I have written two entries about a great morning I had in Trinidad, I can safely tell and show you all there is to tell and show about my days in St. Vincent. 

Why safely? Because now that we've ascertained that Trinidad is still a nice place, I can tell you how awesome St. Vincent was for me - without everybody wondering or even worrying whether I'll want to move all of a sudden, smack in the middle of working on my degree, because it's oh so much better than here. 

Yes, it is great, but then I was just visiting there. Big difference between short-term and long-term stays, between some days and the everyday. 

So, keeping in mind that Trinidad is a cool country and I am very much established here and intent on keeping it so, let's have a look at SVG's marvels, treasures and gems: 

This is how smart people travel: cameras, phones and electric outlets. 
Villa Beach - Paradise Beach, literally.
La Soufriere Volcano I - hiking up a mountain
La Soufriere Volcano II - amazingly varied flora
La Soufriere Volcano III - Look how easy this was for me! 
Wallilabou - natural shoulder massage in a pool
Wallilabou - Johnny Depp was here! 
Young Island - makes the skin soft as silk
Kingstown - Fort Charlotte 
Kingstown - a very sweet town 
Kingstown - the botanical garden

Take your time, there's a looot of pictures in those posts! 

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