Monday, July 28, 2014

Raspberry Cheese Sandwich

The first list I want to share is the one with the food and drinks, because, usually, these things are the most acutely felt in their absence. Getting used to a new diet, not having access to one's favourite food, etc... those things can get to you. And it's not for nothing that food plays such an important role in culture, in society and in our own memories and sense of identity. 

Here goes: 

--- I want to bathe/roll in it whenever I get access to it again.

Raspberries. Fresh. Lots. 
Cheese - hard cheese and soft cheeses, goat cheese and sheep cheese, all the cheese! Specifically: Camembert, Steirerkas, Rotes Schaf, Vorarlberger Bergkäse, Bonbel, ...heaven.
Bread. Real bread, that is. Made of non-wheat whole grain flour, with seeds and nuts and tons of other healthy stuff inside. Specifically: Dachsteinbrot. Oh my gods... I can smell it right now! 

--- I'm okay without it, but whenever I happen to have a chance, I'll enjoy it. 

Grandma's food, mom's food and Peter's food. Just anything they cook. 
   (esp: Marillenknödel, Kaiserschmarrn, Palatschinken, Grenadiermarsch, Strudl und Buidl)
Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, sour cherries, gooseberries. All fresh. 
Apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines - from the farmers' market!
Rhubarb, in tart or in pie or on a cake or as a compote or as a jam. 
Leberkäsesemmel, mit Gurkerl. 
Raspberry and lemon juice, elderberry juice, cloudy apple juice. 
Zanoni ice cream and Kurt frozen yogurt. 
Sonnentor tea, Wiener Melange, Weihnachtspunsch (cherry vanilla... mmm...)
Sauerkraut, Viennese potato salad, beetroot salad, cornichons. 
Pizza, because it's just not the same here. 
Hugo, Weißer Spritzer, Hemingway Special at Kruger's. 

--- Oh, right, that exists too! Yeah, I'll have one. 

Fresh mushrooms. 
Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce. 
Maoam, Milka chocolate, chocolate mousse. 

Local substitutes that are keeping me sane for the while (including affordable imported goods). 

Bananas, papaya, cantaloupe, black plums. 
Cucumbers, green peppers, broccoli. 
Arizona Iced Tea (sorry). 
Grapefruit juice, Lychee juice, Orange J. 
Dhalpourie roti with aloo, channa, bodi and pumpkin. 
Mt St Benedict Yogurt. 
Corn soup. 

I have to go get something to eat now, this list made me  v e r y  hungry. 
Not to self: don't write about food on an empty stomach!

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