Monday, July 21, 2014

Nature is a Spa I

Disclaimer: Not only are these posts coming out super late now - weeks after my actual trip to St Vincent - they're also not in chronological order. The hike up La Soufriere happened on Tuesday, my second day there. What I'm about to tell you now, that's from my actual first day in St Vincent, Monday. Just before the last post, the pirates thing, which also happened that day. 

After arriving and settling in at the hotel, swimming and crocheting a bit, sorting through the OMG-where-is-my-camera drama and the what-kind-of-power-outlet-is-this trouble, and a nap, Carl picked me up again and we went to explore the leeward side of the island. 

Quick drive-plus-sight-explanations through Kingstown, up the leeward highway, through little towns/villages (everything is tiny, so I'm not sure how to distinguish between those two), we went all the way to the Wallilabou Heritage Park. That's a small place, where for 5 XCD (not much at all) you can use their changing and toilet/shower facilities and then enjoy the little waterfall and semi-natural pool. From the bar area you walk down a flight of stone stairs and it takes you straight here: 

The fall is natural and, originally, so was the pool. However, the pool was more like a little stream, so somebody placed a few rocks to keep the water and dam it up a little bit, so there's now a shallow pool that you can float around in. It's never deeper than, well... let's say tall people don't have to worry about frozen delicate parts. The water still flows off, so it's not stagnant or anything, but they did create a little more comfortable spot than you would have had if it was just the fall and a stream. 

What this means, straightforward, is that St Vincent is a place where you can get an exquisite shoulder massage for only 5 local dollars! 

Carl and I carefully made our way into the water, which turned from frighteningly cold to nicely cool within about 10 seconds of submersion. Then we took turns standing under the fall and letting the water beat work/university/flight/get-up-early/drive/etc tension out of our shoulders and necks. Heavenly, seriously. 

This is what it looks like from the deck, where they have tables and chairs and sell cold drinks. Perfect spot for crocheting, if that's what your looking for! You can see the steps, the pool would be to the left, just out of the frame of this picture. Where the other steps are, there's a second entrance into the little park. The other side, where we entered, has a parking lot. And the facilities. 

It's a simple little thing, but really nice.
Boring word, I know, but it just describes the place perfectly. 
This was a great place to start my time in St Vincent. 


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