Monday, July 28, 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

In two weeks, it will be a full year since I left Austria. I've never been gone this long before, not in one go. I've been gone for months and back for a bit and gone for months again, but this is the first time that I'll have been outside not just Austria but Europe as a whole for a consecutive 365 days. I don't know about you, but I find that pretty exciting. 

What I want to make now is a list. A list of stuff I miss. 

Of course, I'm not exactly representative of the population of the country, but we can still have a look at "things an Austrian misses when away for a long time." In a way, I feel, that's like looking at Austria itself, but just the things that make it special - at least to me. All the things I can see/do/eat/drink/experience there but can't find here in Trinidad and Tobago because the climate is different, because the culture is different, because the infrastructure is different, etc. Or maybe, in the case of certain foods and drinks, I could find them but I can't afford them because imported things are expeeensive. 

No matter what angle you choose to look at it, there are things there that are not here and I want to talk about them. I feel we should organize this, though, so I'm going to give you categories and an urgency-meter.

We'll start out with a list of lists, which you can then click to see the lists themselves... if you want, that is. 

Food and Drinks 
Urgency levels:
--- I want to bathe/roll in it whenever I get access to it again.
--- I'm okay without it, but whenever I happen to have a chance, I'll enjoy it. 
--- Oh, right, that exists too! Yeah, I'll have one. 
Local  substitutes that are keeping me sane for the while. 

Urgency levels: 
--- I'm going to go there straight from the airport, I don't care if I arrive at 5AM or 11PM!!! 
--- Depending on whether I'll have time, I'll try to swing by and spend some time. 
--- If you want to take me there, I'll be glad to go with you.
Local substitutes that are keeping me sane for the while. 

Urgency levels: 
--- I feel the absence like a phantom limb. Literal, physical pain. 
--- I wish this were possible here, but it won't kill me that it's not. 
--- I'd almost forgotten, but now that I'm reminded I kind of want it.
Local substitutes that are keeping me sane for the while. 

Feel free to interpret those lists as wishlists! 


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