Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Finally came to terms with all the things I still have to do this semester before I can get back to two things: my own research and LIFE (which leads to finally getting back to blogging as well). It took long enough, but I made a plan (there's a timeline and everything, I made a calendar of it's own only for this) of how I'm going to get everything done. Now, after a lot of struggling and planning, I'm finally comfortable and hopeful that not only can it be done, I'll even do a good job. 

Things are lined up and make sense now. 
Things are not scary anymore. 

And then: 

Colleague tells me lecturer announced hat the current assignment is not the final assignment. There is another one coming after this, due in May and 6,000 words long.

Colleague says it wasn't a mistake, there really is another assignment. 

Colleague shows me course outline and it's true, it's right there. Lecturer had just put so much emphasis on current project that every single one of us assumed it was the final one, the big one, and that there was nothing after it. But it's right there, come to kick us in the butts now that we thought we're all almost done with the course. 

But nothing can be done about it. We have to write this very long final essay as well. 

Back to zero. 
Make a new plan. 
Restructure the coming month. 
More work again. 

Why am I wasting time making a gif-filled blog post about how I have too many assignments and I really don't want to because I need a break and I want to sleep? I'm not. This is therapeutic. I already feel better after all this whining. 

Bye now, I'm off to work. 


  1. Luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this. My reactions exactly!

  2. In the end I guess we LOVE that drama :) hahaha

  3. Print out a photo of the teacher, stick it on punching ball, punch it very hard. Or attach it to dart board, go wild with darts. Whatever helps ;)

    1. The blog-whine helped surprisingly much, I'm already better hehe