Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Unbreakable drinking cups!

I'm super clumsy and have already broken a glass since I moved to the Real Austrian Embassy. I haven't broken another one since that incident, but I am always very nervous when I am using one, thinking I might break it at any moment and find myself in a field of shards of glass - again. 

But klutz no more! 

Five years ago when I was traveling through Venezuela, my good friend Rafael Venexpedition and his family taught me this really cool trick that I remembered a few days ago:

How to make cups from cans. 

All you need is a metal file and an empty, rinsed can. Any one will do, whether it's a beer can or a soda can or a juice can. File around the top rim of the can and the top will come right off. Lightly file around the new edge to round it off so you won't cut your face and/or hands, wash off the "sawdust" and voilà your new unbreakable drinking cup. Or storage cup. Or little desktop vase. Whatever you want, really. 

These are also great for picnics or beach days or anything where you can't bring heavy and fragile glasses. Even for parties they're cool! Yes, you could get paper or plastic cups. But this way your drinking utensils will look way more stylish whether you paint them or leave them as they are. And you'll be repurposing cans you'd otherwise just throw away and we all know how bad aluminium is... and one-way cups are also really bad... So, yeah, make these.

Hope you like 'em!

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