Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Skypemas ...again!

'Tis the season ... to turn on your computer, go on Skype and visit your family! 

No words, can't describe the feelings. 

Just picture of my beautiful family who made this Christmas the best it could possibly have been, shy of flying home and actually being there with them in person. Again.

 Here's my mom and me singing Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

The best family in the whole wide world!

More branches of the best family in the whole wide world. All these lovely people came to visit my grandma and mom and aunt and uncle and cousins in Illmitz last night - and me in Trinidad!

Feeling blessed.

Feeling excited.

Can. Not. Contain. HAPPINESS!!!

And (also thanks to Skype and this grand age of technology we live in) I got to spend over twenty minutes talking to my dad and my grandpa on the phone! More beautiful people! More love!! Heart came close to bursting a few times yesterday. 

I won't exaggerate and tell you something like "it was the best Christmas ever" because it wasn't, it couldn't have been. I missed these people even while I was talking to them. And there are people we all missed together, sorely, because they're not with us anymore. But given the circumstances, it was the best it could possibly be. 

Now I have one more day off - going to the beach today (if the rain stops?) - and then tomorrow it's back to being a good and busy postgrad. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. ......war einfach toll..... merry skypemas .......
    (hab auch "einige" kekse bei den verwandten fuer dich gegessen..... und waren sehr gut)
    gruss aus wien p