Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dee Ay Why?

I'm a pretty busy person lately, more than I used to be. You might have noticed the silence on the blog over the last weeks - or months? No excuses, don't worry, just explanations. 

I have a lot of work. 

University is fun, I honestly love it. But trying to get a PhD is a whole new level of brain-xercise that I had no way of anticipating from when I was writing my previous thesis for my what-you'd-call-a-Masters. Seriously! 

And then there's the little odd jobs: picking a friend's kid up from pre-school every day, visiting all of Trinidad with German tourists and translating "AAAAAAALL THE INFORMATION" for them, being a TA and working on research projects for my supervisor, etc. All that is fun, too, like studying itself. But, well, it doesn't leave much time for telling you fun stories - or having the kind of fun you'd want to hear about! 


A counterbalance to all the work has been found in the form of crafts. Sure, that's nothing new, you've known for a while that I like making stuff because I've been making stuff for a while and telling you about it. But now, in the Real Austrian Embassy, my dearest love DIY and I have taken the next big step in our relationship. We're official!

Before you think I'm weird(er), let me explain what I'm talking about. 

I have organized myself as a crafts and DIY fan. Recent infrastructural and societal updates within the Embassy have resulted in my having my own room and, believe you me, I'm making good use of it. I'll show you the whole thing another time, now is the moment to talk about the number one feature of my chambers: my crafts and DIY closet! 

Because I have a wall covering closet on one side of my room, I am able to dedicate half of it to my clothes and the other half to everything I need for my projects, from A like acrylic paint to Z like the zippers I use when I sew bags and purses. It is heaven! 

A shoe organizer for my paints, glues, brushes, scissors, knives, screwdrivers, hooks, glue sticks and all many more things. A self made little hanging shelf for my little containers full of glitter, confetti, decorations for Christmas and the secret ingredient for my next earring project that's coming out soon. Flower garlands, my glue gun, all kinds of tape hanging from the top bar. More self made shelves at the bottom for my paper, paints, cutting board, hammer, pliers, and so on and so forth... and all the awesome toys! 

Whenever I'm not reading/writing/studying or working on one of my jobs, there's usually three possibilities of what I might be doing: reading, watching "Home Improvement" (Who would've guessed?) or crafting/working on the place. 

Some of my projects: 

Note holders, handpainted. 

 Dressertop shelf for all those little things that would otherwise be tumbling around all over the place.

Decorative calabash bowl for the balcony. 

 Paper organizer from cereal boxes for my recipes, printed articles and the mail.

 A print of a piece by one of my favourite artists transferred onto a black canvas. 

A candle which looks a lot better with flowers painted on than all white and boring!

I know there's no picture of any of my DIY projects here, but I really don't know how to best take a picture of my shower that allows you to see the new silicone sealing around the doorframe. And as for the Embassy's new curtains, I just haven't taken a picture of those yet... Oops. 
And next up, all sorts of crafts projects specifically for Christmas! 

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