Monday, September 9, 2013

A new kind of journey.

Set course. Raise sails. Away we go!

I have made some changes recently. Really, those changes have been coming up for quite a while, I’ve been working towards them for months, but I couldn’t well tell you all before anything was certain, could I? Exactly, no way I could do that. So now that the new destination coordinates have been entered into the system and I have embarked on my latest voyage, I get to tell you all about it.

Well, most stuff anyways.

I have stopped traveling in the traditional sense. As in, I am no longer moving from one place to the next, always searching for new locations and sharing weird stories with you. That, however, does not mean that I am no longer on the way. Not at all. I still am and probably always will be, in a way. Only now I’m not on the way to some island or city or park. Now, I’m on the way to an academic degree and a nice, as-green-as-possible home. And some island or city or park, of course. Like I’d stop that.

Today marks the first day of my second week of studies at the University of the West Indies, which is the first real day of studies, because in week one in universities all over the world it’s all introductions and how-to’s and figuring out who’s in your class and where said class is. Now, the actual work begins. „Hi, my name is XYZ“ has been replaced by „Good evening, the topic I have prepared for you today is XYZ“. Holy fork! I really have to study now!

It’s one thing to work out a research proposal and send in an application and wait for your acceptance letter and prepare for three years of study and research. It’s quite another thing to actually go and do said study and research. It’s suddenly real. Horrifying! And exhilarating. Definitely.

The other thing, the thing about the home, that’s because I don’t live in St. James anymore. The place where I lived for the longest time here in Trinidad is no longer my house, it’s my ex-house now. But we parted on amigable terms, it was all very civilizes, we’re friends now. It’s absolutely not awkward.

Wanting to spend as much time as possible studying, reading, writing and preparing for class and tutorials, I decided that the smart thing to do was to find a place closer to campus. So I looked around for a while and after tons of calls and some actual visits to potential places, I now have a home of my own. It’s located in Curepe, which is very central along the East-West corridor, right by UWI (as in half a block away) and just between the Priority Bus Route and the Highway. There are supermarkets, small shops, restaurants, doubles stands, bars,... loads of useful things in the immediate vicinity of the apartment. It’s great.

There are no pictures yet, but there will be pictures, because... you know... I take pictures of everything.

Beside those two things that now occupy the centre of my own personal universe – UWI and the Real Austrian Embassy – there’s still the exploration of this crazy place that is Trinidad and Tobago. That’s not over, not by far.

So instead of irregularly posting random and weird stories about traveling around the Caribbean, I will now irregularly post random and weird stories about being a student in a foreign country, about home improvement á la Tim Allen and about traveling around the Caribbean.


Me too!

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