Friday, August 23, 2013


Nuts. I think nuts are awesome. I love nuts. Nuts are delicious.

Peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts,… all of them. And corn, too, and channa and split peas and anything else that’s crunchy like that.

In Trinidad, nuts are mainly bar food. As in, if you’re in a bar (or anywhere else) drinking beer and/or Puncheon and/or whiskey and/or anything else, you’re very likely to find a bowl of nuts within easy reach of your hands, to make sure more than pure alcohol enters your body. Nuts are to drinking what doubles are to post-drinking. If that makes any sense to you.

And if you just want a snack, again nuts are the answer to your body’s calling. You might be watching a movie at home or waiting for a taxi downtown or listening to the radio during a long drive on the highway or a back road – nuts will put your stomach to work to keep it from growling if the last/next meal is too long a time off, and they’ll take your mind off how bored you are while not filling it with regret or guilt (it’s not chocolate, after all).

To make packaging, buying, storing and serving said nuts (or other crunchy things) easier, most of the time they are distributed not in bags, not in boxes or tins, but in bottles! Yes, you can buy a bottle of salted peanuts or a bottle of hot but salt-free channa or a bottle of crunchy corn. On the other hand, in Colombia you can buy milk and water in a plastic bag – what a backwards world! 

The only locally produced nuts that I’ve seen that aren’t usually sold in bottles are honey-roasted peanuts. Those, you can get in little brown or white paper bags, buying them straight from the person who makes them at the side of the road or on a street corner – fresh and crunchy.

It’s nuts!  

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  1. Mir gefallen diese Flaschen - ich würde sie immer nachfüllen - ich liebe Cashew Nüsse, Erdnüsse,... Mandeln,....auch bei mir super für leeren Magen, zum Cocktail, als"Nervennahrung",... :-)

    1. Die sind alle super, hast absolut recht!
      Sowas wie Studentenfutter gibts hier nur leider nicht und wenn dann nur sehr teuer, macht aber nichts - es gibt andere gute Sachen!

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