Thursday, June 13, 2013


A little longer than planned, this commercial break. But I have an excuse! My excuse is that I got really entranced in this book I'm currently reading and I just was not able to put it down even for just a minute, much less for however long it would have taken me to write this while being distracted by every fibre of my body screaming at me to go back to reading. You understand, right? Of course you do. You're on this blog, that means you like to read too. 

Let's continue the blast from the past now. 


SAINT LUCIA: September started out in Trinidad, but only really began when I hit the first new island I went to after my time on the mainland and the return to Trini. Well, really might be an exaggeration. Begin, too. Why? Because I was sick. Somehow, and I'm not sure how this is happening, I am sick around the time I leave Trinidad almost every time. This January was the only time I left healthy. All the other times - 2011, 2012, now - I was/am sick either right before leaving and during the trip, or it started while traveling and then I'd be sick in the new place. Usually, that's not much of a problem, because when I say 'sick', I'm really only talking about a cold, a little fever is the maximum. But in St. Lucia I wasn't that fortunate and "Ah, it's nothing, I just can't breathe properly" doesn't work, because St. Lucia is all ups and downs! I had one friend there, who lived in and around my little cottage  - because my room in the guesthouse was really a mini version of a house. Unfortunately, the majority of my time in St. Lucia wasn't as great as it could have been if I'd been in better shape - health-wise, that is. 

BARBADOS: The beginning of my time in Barbados showed some improvement, I wasn't sick anymore and the island is so flat, even if I had been it would have been less troublesome. And the place where I was staying was right next to the beach, as opposed to on the top of a high and steep hill, like in St. Lucia. But, because life isn't that simple, I encountered a whole new kind of trouble there. However, I still did my best to experience everything that was good about the island and can now say that yes, after several stopovers at BGI during previous trips (and we already learned that stopovers don't count), that time I finally really did visit Barbados. 

JAMAICA: Yes! That place was great! I had a really good time there and I'm so grateful for it because it was really necessary after the two low-energy places before it. Not that it was the places' fault, but... you know. Thinking about what had happened and where I was - because apparently Kingston is oh so dangerous -, I decided then to write a little bit about traveler's common sense. So, back to what was great. In Kingston, Jamaica, I finally got back to doing things my own way. My style of traveling. I stayed with a CouchSurfer (P, one of the coolest guys ever), who I got on with really well, we just clicked. He took me along when he went to hang out with friends and even when he went to spend time with his family and I went to explore the city while he worked. The rest of the time we spent at his place enjoying the pool or playing cards, both with rum. No hotels, no touristy things, no hassle. Just seeing the place with and through the eyes of a local person, which is my favourite thing to do when exploring. 

And then, after Jamaica came...


Of course, The End doesn't really mean the end. If you get what I mean. The trip wasn't even close to over at that point, but the trip part of the trip was. If you get what I mean. I didn't go back to Austria from Jamaica, I went to the US for another layover and then to Colombia and then to Trinidad, but it was different because I went to stay and live, not to visit. I left home (Austria) to travel around the Caribbean and then ended my crazy zigzag to go home (Colombia). And then I left home (Colombia) to go home (Trinidad and Tobago). And now I'm going home again (Austria), leaving home (Trinidad and Tobago). If you get what I mean. 

I'm still in reminisce-mode, still thinking back, watching all my adventures like little movies in my mind (I know, like a lunatic!). It's incredible how much I saw, how much I learned and how much I managed to grow in that time. I'm truly blown away. 

And now, 337 days after beginning that epic journey across three continents I am preparing for it to end. Only, of course, it won't. Not by a long shot. 

Where to next? 

I have no idea. 


  1. What IS the book youbare reading then? And, i havent seen you since july 10 last year?!? Boohooo!!! Kudos for the patience writing blog posts like this one. I never manage. Btw if you havent been to Mexico yet, you should, it's great!

    1. I read Paper Towns by John Green, have now read most of his books. I can't believe I have known this guy (well, known, you know... on the interwebs) for years and only now decided to read his work! He's really good, let me tell you. Especially Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars.