Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hollywood Intermezzo.

I left Trinidad :(
I am currently not in Trinidad :(
I miss Trinidad :( 

The plan was always to stay there for 2,5 months and then go back to Colombia and see what happens. Do I stay in Colombia? Do I go back to Trinidad? Do I go somewhere new? Well, right now the plan is to go back Trinidad as soon as it's possible again, but I don't have a date for that yet. Not even an exact idea. Only an approximate one, which is March/April. Not sure. We'll see. But right now I wish I could go straight back, I really do. I'm looking forward to certain things in Colombia, especially seeing Béa, but... hm... Trinidad... 

I'm in Hollywood right now. The Florida one, the one I always go through when I have a layover in the US. I'm even in "my" hostel. I stayed at my friend Robert's place for two nights, but he's going on a trip and left for Thailand this afternoon, so now I'm here for my last night before I fly on to Cartagena tomorrow morning. How nice of him to let me stay at his house right before traveling, right? I don't think I'd host someone right before a trip, because it'd probably be too stressful for me with the packing and organizing and all of that. But he's not like that so I got to stay with him for two nights which was great. And now I'm also having a great time at the hostel, because I met a very nice girl after I checked in, who I've been hanging out with all afternoon. It's always fun to meet other travelers, be it CouchSurfers or dorm-mates at hostels. And this one is both, though she's staying in the next room, not mine. Lucky me, again, to (almost) always bump into people I get on really well with. 

So, yeah, Hollywood. This gives me the time to write a bit this evening (it's evening now), because before leaving Trinidad I was way too busy for anything and I wouldn't have written in a way that would have let you enjoy reading, what with all the stress. But I'm hoping it'll get better in Colombia. I'll still have loads to do, I do have a few projects going on at the moment, but at least I won't be running around trying to cram all my friends (who I am going to miss so badly, who I already miss so badly) into a tight schedule so I can see everyone before going away. This is really all I wanted to tell you in this post, that I'm sorry I didn't continue the TT posts after announcing all the Carneval action. In Colombia, it'll be work/projects only. Lots of time for telling stories. 

For real this time. 


  1. Gruß aus Wien nach Hollywood :-)
    Trinidad hat dich bald wieder :-)
    IDAD Mom

    1. Ich denk auch an dich! Und ja, ich weiß, bald :)

  2. .....weisst du, mir ging es mit wien so..... war auch monatelang noch unterwegs und bin dann, nov 2011, endlich in meine heimat gekommen....w i e n !

    jetzt geht es dir so und es dauert nur noch ein paar wochen und du bist wieder in deiner "neuen" heimat, t r i n i d a d !

    alles gute und es wird noch alles toll!

    liebe gruesse aus wien, pp

    1. Danke, hast sicher recht.
      LG zurück nach W I E N :)