Friday, February 8, 2013


I just mentioned that I'm blue because it's Fantastic Friday and I'm not in Trinidad, right? Yes, poor poor me... BUT I'm also not the kind of person that will just sit and be sad for the longest while and not do anything about it, right? We've talked about this before (OK, I've talked about it before and you didn't really say anything because you never comment, you lazy bum.) and I usually allow myself a moment or little while of panic or sadness or whatever, depending on the situation, and then I get back up and react. So here's my reaction to not getting to lime and go to any fetes and all that fun stuff with my friends in Trinidad: RUM! 

Of course, this song is waaay exaggerated, we won't even drink half a bottle of rum, probably. But it's fun in this context so please don't judge me for posting a piece of music that justifies exaggerated consumption of alcohol, because you know I don't really stand for it. Doh beat up nah, it all good...

So now back to our own little FANTASTIC FRIDAY ISA + BÉA STYLE!

Because this part is true, we are drinking rum now. It's past 3PM as I write this, but because I'm always honest I will tell you that yes, it was earlier than this when we started. 2.17PM to be exact. But - and this is the key information - it was 5PM somewhere. And that's all that matters, right? 

Béa is done with work for today, I am done working off today's To Do list, we have no more chores or work or anything to do this afternoon or evening, so we can relax now with a clean conscience. What's ahead: an afternoon and evening of our favourite TV series on our respective laptops, rum+lime+coke and maíz tostado. And later probably a little 9gag, just because it's funny - and funnier with a little rum. 

Am I lying to you? Am I making this up so you don't think I can't have fun without seeing Soca Monarch or wining at a fete tonight? Nope, I'm not. Because yes, I can. Also, of course I (as well as Béa) can have fun without alcohol, but right now we felt like it. 

Here's a few pictures (partly to show that I'm telling true and partly to show off our awesome improvisation and bartending skills, because we're real pros). 

This shows the improv skills. Bottlecap came apart because it was all in the freezer for too long? Just get the corkscrew - DONE!

Ice, lime juice and Ron Zacapa - nice.

Preparating perfection.

We don't need spoons to stir our drinks - we use The Force.

On this note, I'd love to just publish this blog entry so you can see the latest story update of my life and maybe have a glass of rum and lime and coke of your own and toast to all our health and to friends and to Carnival... but I can't. I can't leave you just so, I need to share more good music with you. 

And not just because I want to share this with you, but also because I'm listening to Soca right now and I can't stop moving despite the fact that I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop - both of them are learning what 'wining' means right now! Bounce all over - seriously... need to calm down now, or let go and really start bouncing all over the apartment! I have so much energy right now, it's unbelievable!! So, that's why I'm sharing the next song, to make sure you're also bouncing and ready for the road. 

And to let you know that de cow now waking up. 

I'll be sure to include more songs in the actual post about the pre-Carnival fete-ing in Trinidad, which is coming super soon. I swear! 

For now: Prost! 

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