Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue Dolphin Martini Bar

The apartment - Béa's, that is - had changed a bit when I came back a little over week ago. For the better, which was hard, because it's always been a really cool place. But it's now a little more colourful, it looks more like a home than just a place. That's because Béa got posters [I apologize. I am an idiot. They're not posters, they're actually real paintings. I don't know why I keep calling them posters. Sorry.] and other wall decorations on her recent trips and hung them all over the living room and kitchen area. She's really making it her own, it's great to see. Makes me really happy for her! 

One of those adornments is a sign that says Blue Dolphin Bar & Grill and underneath there's a picture of lady sitting in a Martini glass with dolphins jumping around here and it announces that Martinis are served 'here'. So what's a girl to do? Right. Serve Martinis. 

We went and invited our neighbour Carolyn and her friend Indira for a Saturday Night Martini Session and then we all went to Éxito to buy glasses, a shaker and alcohol as well as fruit to make juice. We didn't want regular Martinis, but fruity ones. Because that's how we roll. 

Now, in the last post I mentioned how resourceful we are when it comes to improvising in situations where plan A doesn't work out and here we did it again. But first, let me show you our stacked bar: 

From left to right: citrus vodka, pineapple juice, piña colada rum mix, strawberry juice, passion fruit juice and vermouth.

And these are the hurdles we encountered on the way to our Martini party and the way we ultra-super-improvised ourselves out of the troubles and into party mode: Éxito does not sell Martini glasses. Are we just going to use regular glasses? No. Are we going to cancel Martini night? Hell no! What do we do? We buy pretty little kind-of-martini-glass-shaped ice cream bowls! There are also no cocktail shakers anywhere in sight. Do we change the plan and just go back to plain rum and coke? No. Do we postpone the party until such time as we can find a shaker? Hell no! What do we do? We get a kid's Spiderman bottle, because it works just as well. We're good, right? Be honest, you're definitely totally impressed right now. And jealous, too. I know it. 

The coolest shaker you have ever seen, the shaker's lid being used as a measuring cup for the shots, the first strawberry and passion fruit Martini being poured into the not-an-ice-cream-bowl-glass.

Yum, that's all I'm going to say about this picture. Yum.

We had a lot of fun there, trying out different fruit combinations and mixing awesome drinks, chatting about all sorts of things and taking pictures of everything. What was the coolest for me, personally, was the musical background, though. We were listening to Soca. Pure soca. 

I've been working on downloading all my favourite songs from a list of this year's Soca releases from and I played some of my favourite songs to Béa and the great thing is that she liked them too! I half expected her not to, because she isn't often really into the stuff I listen to via headphones, but she really likes Soca. And so do Carolyn and Indira. So that was awesome for me, because I got to party with my friends to the sounds of Super Blue, Bunji Garlin, Kes, Super Jigga TC, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshal and so many others... man, that was great. Carolyn even said that we should open a real bar and serve Martinis and play Soca and that people here would love it. Mmm... maybe someday! 

And the Martinis were delicious, honest and without exaggeration, so we're going to have to repeat this. There's enough alcohol left in the freezer for at least two more of these fun events in a small circle. 

For now, though, I'm already back in work-mode after this weekend, so no more partying - at least until the weekend. And then we'll see what happens. But my headphones still fill my ears with Soca whenever I don't have to concentrate on work. 


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