Thursday, January 24, 2013

Colourful Trini Deliciousness

Before really getting into the fetes and parties that surround Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago, I quickly want to show you something else: the beautiful edible colours that make this place so special. Not that you can't get most of these things in other places, not that there's no markets in other places, but I like Trinidad best and this is my blog... so what are you going to do, right? 

A little while ago I had a nice CouchSurfer, Catherine, staying at my place while my friend Don was also still in the city, so one Saturday (January 12th, to be exact) we decided to go explore the island a little bit. Okay, no. We decided to go explore a few places that are close by Port of Spain. To say we explored the island would mean that we went all the way East or South and we did neither of those things. But we did have a look at some of the suggestions Catherine's travel guide had to offer and settled on visiting the big market in Tunapuna. 

I love markets. Not so much the shopping, that's rather annoying and I'm actually pretty bad at it. But I love strolling around a market and looking at everything that's on display and at the people and the activity in and dynamics of the place. What I like best: the colours. 

I'm going to stop talking at this point and just show you those colours I'm talking about. I wonder if you'll like them as much as I do. Just bear in mind, the original is still so much more vibrant that any picture I could ever take... 

Don't you want to just get all these things right now and start cooking and experimenting with tastes and textures? And then, when the dish is finished, find people that will eat it. Imagine what the place was like now, the smells and the noise and the pure vibration in the air... and the colours. They're the most important thing. 

After spending about an hour in the Tunapuna market we went on to Arima  and walked around the town for a while, then found another market. But no more pictures, you know you can only take so many, right? I don't actually know that. But people very often tell me, so I didn't bring my camera out in the second market. 

That same afternoon we also went to Waterloo. The Temple in the Sea. But that is so special to me, it's reserved for its own blog post. You'll see it soon. 

Yes, and Carnival too... 


  1. ohhhhh, super dieser markt, erinnert mich auch an "meinen hausmarkt" in vienna,
    da spazier ich auch sehr gerne durch und geniesse die farben, duefte....marktleben eben,

    obwohl ich nicht alles erkannt habe ist mein vorschlag fuer ein menue folgender,

    pastinaken (falls es sind), vierteln und kochen, dann leicht in einer pfanne anschwitzen und mit salz und pfeffer wuerzen... vieleicht etwas petersilie drauf,

    die fruechte in duenne scheiben schneiden, mit chili in einer pfanne braten und dann die gurke (oder sind das okra?)kurz mitbraten.... bissl salz drauf zum schluss.....
    ungemein fruchtiges, scharfes super-aroma!

    und dann die krabbe auf den grill, zum schluss aufschneiden und die schnittflaechen mit einer mischung aus oel, knoblauch, chili, salz und pfeffer, wenn es gibt auch petersilie dazu und damit einpinseln,

    mahlzeit......und schmeckt am besten mit einer meeresbrise,

    gruss aus dem "eisigen wien", pp

    1. Mein Vorschlag: Das wird gekocht, wenn ich mal in Wien bin ;)

  2. .....ganz sicher.....