Saturday, December 8, 2012

Where I live... really!

I have finally managed to take a few nice pictures of my room and I will show you them now. Was this proper English? I don't know, but I don't care right now. I sprayed the room with bug spray to get rid of a few ants that were building a highway through here, so I feel a little light headed at the moment. High!!! 

My things.

My bed.

See how there's windows in both walls next to the bed? That means I always have air coming through here, which really helps me cope with the extremely hot climate of the island. And because there are burglar bars over the windows (like in most places in the Caribbean, not just Trinidad) I can leave my windows open all day and all night, every day and night. Perfect ventilation system (Yes, that also means I'm not going to be high on bug spray forever.). 

I'm about 95% settled in right now, I just still have to get something to hang all my clothes. I'm not comfortable with putting everything into drawers, because I'd constantly be scared of everything getting mouldy because of the humidity. These are the tropics, after all. So I'm looking to find or even make something, you know like the inside of a wardrobe, that horizontal bar thingey. Haven't found it yet, but still searching. 

The house is very nice, it's yellow with a little garden area around it - but I'm not showing you any pictures of that, because I don't want another stalker. The whole area is really nice, actually. It's well connected to the rest of the city because there's H cars (taxis) that take you into Port of Spain and back down on the main road, just 2 blocks from here. And a block up and a two blocks over is Long Circular Mall, where you can find anything you might need, including a big huge supermarket. It's a Tru Valu, not my favourite (Hi Lo), but I'm still able to get almost everything there. And the area is quiet, because it's residential. Even if that means that people have to drive out of here to get to work. Every morning between 6 and 9AM. Right past my window... Good thing I get up at that time anyways!! 

And tonight I'm receiving my first CouchSurfer. Bernie, the landlord, is a very nice guy and he's agreed to let me host surfers from time to time. So the first person is arriving tonight and staying until Monday. I'm very excited! I haven't been able to host in such a long time, between giving up the apartment and traveling there was just never an opportunity, because I was either on the road or basically surfing myself. But now, now! Now I can host again! 

Bernie lent me an extra mattress for my surfer.

Now we just have to hope for everything to work out and the guy actually arriving here tonight. I just know I'm definitely looking forward to it. CS has been changed a lot over the past few days and weeks and I'm honestly unhappy with the new features and some of the changes that have been made, especially to city groups (where you used to be able to get loads of useful information about a place and its people) and the couch search itself (when I look for Trinidad and Tobago, it shows results for Santa Cruz, California). I sent in two messages to their new feedback systems just before writing this post. But hosting somebody (and hanging out with my CS friends here in Trinidad) right now reminds me of why I joined CS in the first place, so it's good that I have a surfer coming for that reason too. It'll keep me from screaming.

This was really just a quick update, because I wanted to show you my new home. More stories coming, I still have loads to tell you and the moving chores are now out of the way. 


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    1. I know, it's extremely pink! But it won't be after the next wash, I'll change the sheets to something less über-girly ;)


    1. Ricardo, I didn't even have to buy it, it came with the room! And yes, it's a really good fan. I only have it on strength 1 out of 3 and it cools well.