Friday, December 21, 2012

Song Of The Rain - 100th post.

I am the silver threads
The gods cast down from the heights,
And Nature takes me to adorn the valleys.

I am the precious pearls
Scattered from Astarte's crown,
And the daughter of morning stole me to beautify the fields.

I weep and the hillocks smile;
I am abased and the flowers are lifted.

The cloud and the field are two lovers
And I a messenger bringing one to the other;
Slaking with abundance this one's thirst
And healing that one's sickness.

The voice of thunder and lightning's blades
Herald my coming;
The rainbow proclaims my journey's end.
So is earthly life,
Entering between the feet of wrath,
Departing between the peaceful hands of Death.

I rise from the lake's heart
And glide upon wings of air
Until I am verdant garden.
Thereon I descend
And kiss the lips of its flowers
And embrace its boughs.

In the stillness, with my gentle fingers,
I tap upon window panes:
The sound thereof is a song known to feeling spirits.

I am created of the earth's heat
And I am its slayer__
So is the woman who prevails over a man by the force that she takes from him.

I am the sigh of the ocean
And heaven's tear,
And the smile of the field.
So is love__
A sign from the ocean of feeling;
A tear from the heaven of thoughts;
A smile from the field of the spirit. 

This is my 100th post on and I wanted to share something somebody else wrote instead of words of my own. They are Khalil Gibran's words. I haven't read anything else he has written, I don't know if he's famous or not as I only know this one poem of his. But for this one poem I am grateful. 

A poem or song about rain has nothing to do with traveler's stories? This should not be on the blog, because it's not one of my adventures (or misadventures)? Well, you're wrong there. This has everything to do with me, my travels, my whole life. 

I've told you this often, I've talked about this many times, you know it to be true: I love the rain. I love the sound rain makes on windows and roofs and on the leaves of the trees outside my house or above me, when I'm outside. I love the feel of raindrops on my skin, the taste of raindrops in my mouth. I love standing in the rain, barefoot, letting it soak me from head to toes and fill me with it's old and powerful energy. When I'm tired and can't sleep, I listen to the rain and let it soothe me. When I'm troubled or confused or simply all over the place with my emotions, I listen to the rain and let it calm me down. When I'm not sure anymore, what it's all about, listening to the rain will make everything else go away so I can focus again on what's really important to me. 

When there is nothing else, there is still the rain. 

On the road, or ontheway in my case, I'll often be alone. But never completely, as there is always the rain. Right now, for example, Christmas is coming up. My family is far away, most of my friends are far away, my new friends will spend the holidays with their own loved ones. I have no idea what I'll do for my first Christmas away from my true home. But I know I'll be fine, because I'm sure it will rain. And in the rain I'll remember all the beautiful moments it has brought to me in the past, I will imagine the beautiful moments it will bring to me in the future and I'll feel closer to you, because, who knows, maybe it's raining where you are as well... 

If you want to listen to the rain too, but it's snowing instead or the sun is shining, you should enjoy that first. And then go to for a little droplet music. 

And that way we can be together for a little while, joined through the Song Of The Rain. 

I wanted to share this with you to celebrate one hundred stories... thank you for reading. 

Here's to one hundred more. 

And to the rain. 

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